Feb. 22, 2023

A Journey of Personal Growth and Life Changes

A Journey of Personal Growth and Life Changes

Show Notes:

In this podcast A Shot of Inspiration features guest Beth Wolfson, who shares her experiences and insights on personal growth and life changes. Beth emphasizes the importance of taking small steps towards change and pushing oneself out of comfort zones.  This helps in building confidence and rewiring thinking in order to see possibilities. Beth spotlights the reality of fear and worries and how they often paint a more painful picture than what is actually experienced.

Three Key Takeaways:

  1. Baby steps are key to making big changes.
  2. Overcoming fear and worries helps you move forward.
  3. Life experiences can be more positive than what we imagine.

About Beth:

Beth Wolfson is the founder and CEO of a Leadership Consulting Services, offering 20 years of experience in executive management and consulting. She specializes in team building, conflict resolution, organizational development, executive consulting, and communication strategies and has worked with clients from diverse industries and levels. Beth creates personal connections with clients, helping them achieve breakthrough results by shifting mental models and beliefs. She holds a BS from the Medical University of South Carolina and a MA in Applied Communications with an emphasis on Conflict Resolution from Denver University.


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