Feb. 8, 2023

Motherhood, Leadership, and Overcoming Challenges

Motherhood, Leadership, and Overcoming Challenges

Join host Greg Stephens for A Shot of Inspiration Podcast with guest Kathy Miller! Learn how she transformed her leadership skills and became a successful business person. Kathy shares her journey of leading change, being accessible to her team, and the importance of sustainability in the process. Kathy also shares about her daughter, Claire, who has faced many challenges in her life but navigates through them with grace. Kathy believes in high-quality connections. She encourages listeners to bring positive energy and goodwill into the world.

Three Key Takeaways:

  1. Habits are formed over many years and people need support to change.
  2. Attitude plays a crucial role in success.
  3. Each individual has the power to bring positive energy into the world through high-quality connections.

About Kathy:

Kathy Miller is a Certified Leadership Coach and Business Transformation Advisor. With extensive senior leadership experience at top corporations, she helps individuals, teams, and companies improve performance through manufacturing processes, leadership principles, and human flourishing. She holds multiple degrees, including a Master's in Positive Psychology and is a Shingo Prize recipient and Women in Manufacturing Hall of Fame inductee. Co-author of "Steel Toes and Stilettos".  A True Story of Women Manufacturing and Lean Transformation Success (Dec 2021, Taylor & Francis)


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