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Relevant Content

What really comes through when you listen to Jim is how well he’s acquainted with the day-to-day of his audience, and how current he is on the topics that would be relevant to them. You can tell he cares. He’s not just riffing on hypotheticals, it’s practical and concise.

Great connector!

My podcast with Jim was great. He has a way of making you feel comfortable and getting down to great content, not just surface level stuff. Looking forward to listening to his other content.

Jim is truly something unique: An authentic but pointed interviewer.

Jim is the real deal. Prior to our interview, candidly, I had low expectations as I thought it was just ‘another insurance industry podcast.’ The discussion was easy going, he led with empathy and listening skill, while bringing in nuggets of business success theory and human growth. I can tell you, Jim is a natural journalist, an artist relationship builder (and apparently with a camera) while still understanding that time is valuable so we should make sure the listener and guest get something meaningful from the time spent. A !!

Knowledge is power

Jim is a superior podcast host for his ability to pull knowledge out of his guest and help educate his listeners. As a fellow podcast host, this is a tough thing to accomplish and from our time together I noticed it right away. This show is an outstanding way to get a leg up in the insurance industry and in business tactics as a whole. A must listen!

Knowledgeable host and great guy

I enjoyed my discussion with Jim about digital transformation in the insurance industry. His in depth industry knowledge and engaging personality made for a great discussion. I’d be honored to join him again.

Great podcast and even better guy

Enjoyed my time speaking with Jim about RockLake and family. We had a blast and it was like catching up with an old friend. Made the experience memorable and would do it again tomorrow.

Genuine Podcast Host

This podcast is such a great listen for any business owner out there. Jim is thoughtful in his questions to pull out great conversations from his guest. On top of that he’s a genuine host with a caring and giving approach. Highly recommend!!

Amazing guy and show

Jim is the type of guy we all need in our lives. Extremely intelligent (both IQ and EQ), as helpful as a human gets, and has a wealth of wisdom to help his listeners. Would put 10 stars if I could!

Good Listen!

I listened recently to the show with Tommy Breedlove, having heard of his book Legendary. Jim hosted a great episode. The interview was natural and the questions concise and pointed. Just what I like about a podcast - a quick snippet of inspiration!

5 stars!

I really enjoy listening to Jim’s show. He gives you an incredible amount of insight without making it feel like a lecture.

The energy is contagious

I am truly honored to be one of the first “interviewed” for this series. It never felt like an interview, but more like someone enthusiastically listening and genuinely wanting to know my story. Jim’s energy and authenticity made this easy and fun! I’d love to do more episodes in the future and I love hearing all the other episodes with insurance nerds like me. Excited to hear more of what’s to come. Keep it up!

Authentic and useful

Jim’s really on to something here. His refreshing take on the “insurance podcast” is an enjoyable and informative experience. Hope you have a pen and paper nearby. 💯🏆

Love the show

Jim is such a great interviewer, and his guests have a ton of knowledge and energy. That’s actually what I love about this show. They’re talking about insurance, but it’s super authentic and really captivates you. Love these episodes.

Level up!

For anyone looking to level up their personal and professional lives, the Agents Growth Academy is the perfect podcast for you. Jim Schubert is a very professional host who puts the guest and listener first so the audience takes away the best nuggets and content as possible from the interview. I hope you find this podcast helpful and as useful and inspirational as I do. - Tommy Breedlove Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling Author and founder of the Legendary Movement

A true inspiration!

Jim is a true professional - and approachable human being! He’s created a special space to have thought-provoking and action-oriented conversations. A true must-listen!

Easy to Digest and Put to Action

Jim does a great job of bringing great value that you can turn into actionable steps right away. They are long enough to get right value and short enough to listen in a short car ride. If your new to the industry, this is a great podcast to listen to weekly!

Grow or Die

Jim provides great conversation to get you to think…and act to attain growth. His authenticity and love for the industry shines through. I believe a huge component of growth is listening and learning and this podcast is a fantastic resource.