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Great insight to a HOT TOPIC!

Tonya and Michael offer realistic and practical insight to a key part of any business plan… BRANDING!! They also host great conversations and make it easy to identify key nuggets of wisdom from their guests. I really enjoy listening to them and look forward to learning more in 2023! So glad I found this show!

The Experts!

Wow, if you want tips and tricks for Branding, listen to this show! The value is top notch. Thanks Tonya and Michael, keep going!

Michael and Tonya know how to teach Brand Marketing!

I was blown away by this podcast! Michael and Tanya make being a brand so simple and easy. They teach that you are your brand and then they help you showcase that brand to create revenue, followers, and have fun! Tune in to this awesome podcast! 🙋‍♀️👏🏻👍🏻😱

Love Michael and Tonya!

This show gives me the warm fuzzies and gives me amazing value and advice to implement to grow my brand. I love Michael and Tonya’s dynamic and the way they engage with their guests. Thank you both!

Smart Fun Hosts

They have great energy and ask great questions !💫


It's always exciting to find somone who knows how to bring the fun backinto business. Branding should not be just about what sales its should fill you with excitment and these guys know how to bring excitment back into your branding with even better resluts. Love it!

Tonya and Michael

What an amazing show! This is one you won’t to miss!

A Must-Listen!

Michael and Tonya feature insightful content for anyone looking to give their branding efforts a shot in the arm. You’ll thoroughly enjoy the conversations they’re having with other successful professionals and learn a lot of brand-boosting strategies you can apply immediately to your practices. Definitely add Be BOLD Branding to your rotation today!

Terrific Podcast

Love what Michael and Tonya do. They bring on great guests and lead them in conversations that are revealing and full of insights. A worthwhile listen.

Fantastic podcast!

Tonya and Michael are a duo on fire! Incredible hosts, fascinating guests, valuable content and always so many practical tips!

Practical advice for expanding your business

We all have business dreams, and this podcast is dedicated to sharing the secrets to making those dreams a reality. Every episode is jam-packed with information that will help you overcome obstacles and sail toward victory! 🌊⛵️

Such great hosts!

Michael and Tonys are amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed being on their podcast. They are very personable, kind, and have amazing energy. I am definitely a subscriber and a fan!

Tonya and Michael are outstanding

The work that Tonya and Michael do is amazing.

Tonya and Michael for the win!!!

This is a dynamic duo if there has ever been one. They both understand their role as podcast hosts and bring their individual and group strength to every interview. Great show with great subjects covered! Keep it up!

Dynamic Duo

Tonya & Michael are incredible. The actually understand marketing and branding and care about the results. They don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk.

Communicating Authenticity

Communicating in a virtual world is a challenge, but Michael and Tonya are providing information and strategies to get your authentic self in front of your target audience. Great content and tips for anyone looking to increase their brand value. The best part? They clearly like what they do and truly enjoy their guests.

A Must Listen

These guys really know what they’re talking about, and they make it easy! Tonya is an absolute mastermind when it comes to branding, and Michael is a real estate genius. The two together are a dynamic duo. Love your podcast guys!

Branding Experts!

I HIGHLY recommend BrandFace! Tonya & Michael are experts in their field. I absolutely love my new brand!