Are you searching for a place to come together at a time when things seem to be falling apart? Welcome to Check Your Vertical - a real, raw, and relatable testimony guided by Scott and Mandie Verlinger, a married couple that has been through the fires of life, and has survived the gauntlet of the world's temptations and challenges. Statistically they should be divorced according to the world's view, but by God's grace they are not. Join in to discover how they have overcome the hardships of marriage and faced seemingly impossible challenges in hot topic areas like intimacy, income and in laws - all by living vertically! Come along on this weekly Date Night to laugh, cry and learn about how they endured through their trials to "dance together" and not apart. Rejoice in what it looks like to live vertically, and apply the same types of principles and tools for your hard seasons. This is a journey that offers real life hope and redemption, a space to truly honor God in all things you do in a judge free zone, because trust us...we have the receipts!