March 14, 2023

Ep. 10: Discover how leadership and podcast guesting attract your dream clients with Kelly Mosser

Ep. 10: Discover how leadership and podcast guesting attract your dream clients with Kelly Mosser

In this episode, we sit down with Kelly Mosser to explore the powerful combination of effective leadership skills and podcast guesting in attracting your dream clients. With years of experience in guesting and building a strong personal brand, Kelly shares valuable insights on practical techniques for maximizing the potential of your podcast appearances.

Kelly shares some of the challenges she faced early on and how she overcame them. We then delve into her work with high-achieving clients and how she addresses confidence and messaging issues. She also emphasizes the importance of leadership energy and how it can set you apart in your industry. She then explains why being a guest on podcasts is more valuable than starting your own, citing statistics and facts that might surprise you.

If you're interested in guesting on podcasts, Kelly shares some helpful tips on how to pitch yourself and what hosts are looking for in their guests. We also discuss the importance of taking action toward opportunities, even when self-doubt creeps in.

Join us and discover how you can leverage your leadership skills and podcast guesting to grow your influence and attract your ideal audience.

00:00 Interview with Kelly Mosser
01:32 Getting Started as an Entrepreneur
06:03 Addressing Confidence and Messaging Issues in High-Achieving Clients
07:45 How Leadership Energy Sets You Apart as a Category-of-One
14:30 Why Being a Guest on Podcasts is More Valuable Than Starting Your Own
23:15 How to Pitch Yourself as a Podcast Guest
27:03 Overcoming Self-Doubt: Taking Action Towards Opportunities
29:35 Kelly’s High-Value Masterclass: Algorithm Freedom

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