Jan. 31, 2023

Ep. 4: Why You Should Build Your Brand Authority Through Podcasting with Jason Cercone

Ep. 4: Why You Should Build Your Brand Authority Through Podcasting with Jason Cercone

Podcasts are quickly becoming the go-to platform for entrepreneurs and professionals to showcase their expertise, differentiate themselves in a crowded market, and build their brand authority.

In this episode, I had the opportunity to talk with Jason Cercone about Why he thinks it’s so important to Build Your Brand Authority Through Podcasting, whether that be on the guesting side or as a podcast host.

Jason talks about his comprehensive podcast guest training, booking, strategy, and communication system that has been proven to take brands from unknown to undeniable.

If you are looking to attract new clients and expand your network, this episode is meant for you. Learn about Jason's unique, holistic podcast guesting strategy and start establishing your authority.

00:00 Jason Cercone Interview
00:36 Who is Jason Cercone and how he started with Podcast Strategies
04:49 Loving both sides of podcasting
06:04 How podcast differentiates from other platforms in marketing
09:01 Why podcast shouldn't be just a one-time transaction
14:07 How podcasting is a big platform for consumer's perspective
17:57 Factors when bringing in a guest
20:41 How and when did Jason become the thought leader in the podcasting space
23:29 Differences in branding yourself as a podcaster and being in a company
26:16 What people ignore in podcasting space

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