May 5, 2022

4. The Top 10 Ways to Immediately Improve Your SEO

4. The Top 10 Ways to Immediately Improve Your SEO

Welcome to another instructive episode on Digital Marketing Tech Talk, where host Phil Reinhardt will provide the top 10 specific things you can look at to address your SEO right now–the low hanging fruit of search engine optimization.

Gain deeper insight into the vitality of SSL, the high-and-climbing importance of page load speed, and even the role of technical SEO. Don’t miss this informative episode that will help you gain the graces of Google and rank at the top!

3 Key Takeaways

  • People freak out about bad Google reviews; don’t! There are ways to place yourself back into Google’s good graces. 
  • Business listings are important to employ across several platforms. It may seem like busy work, but ensuring you have the right information is key (I do this across 50 platforms for clients).
  • Google will remove you ENTIRELY if you don’t use SSL. Learn what it is and how to use it today.


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