Nov. 15, 2022

8. Doing Damage to Injustice with Will Rivas

8. Doing Damage to Injustice with Will Rivas

In this episode, I am joined by Will Rivas, CEO of Common Unity LLC and Executive Director of C.O.C.O.A. House Inc. He is a game changer and a passionate leader who sparked change in the poverty and violence-ridden neighborhood he grew up in by helping others in his community who had similar experiences as he did.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  • How an environment can influences a person’s choices and upbringing
  • The power of finding support in a community
  • Leading with love and listening to our youth

“I had put out the worst version of myself and people accepted me. And I think, in that moment, I realized that most people genuinely want to see you do well.” - Will Rivas

Episode Timestamps:

[00:00:00] - Episode Intro
[00:00:43] - Introducing today’s guest, Will Rivas
[00:01:40] - What is Will learning about right now? 
[00:02:33] - Will’s childhood and environment growing up
[00:14:43] - Hitting rock bottom and climbing out of it
[00:24:16] - What got Will to volunteering?
[00:32:19] - About C.O.C.O.A. House
[00:43:27] - About Common Unity
[00:47:12] - The youth as our purest form of change
[01:04:30] - More about the C.O.C.O.A. House