Dec. 1, 2022

Entrepreneurial Journey: Squeezing Value Out of Content Creation

Entrepreneurial Journey: Squeezing Value Out of Content Creation

If entrepreneurs and business owners are after Inspiration, Imagination, and Uniqueness, then they have to check out this episode. This episode goes through the solution so that they can get the Inspiration, Imagination, and Uniqueness they are looking for.

"Rather than see that as a problem, yeah, I think we said, let's embrace that on the basis that we're going to go into this questioning all the norms. We're not going to be anchored to any kind of approach. We're going to be very fresh and different in the way we do it, because we're doing it from the perspective of what makes sense, what feels right, not what does the industry do." - Damian Horner

Damian Horner is an entrepreneur, author, and consultant who has worked in advertising, creative hot shops, book publishing, and the finance industry. He is the founder of Real Vision, a video channel for the finance industry which has over a million subscribers worldwide.

This is Damian Horner's story...

Damian Horner is an entrepreneur who has had a variety of careers, including working in advertising, writing a book, consulting, developing a mobile game, and starting a video channel for the finance industry. He attributes his success to his eagerness to learn new things and approach problems from a fresh perspective, not an industry norm. He believes that when creating content, it is important to add value beyond the content itself to stand out in the crowd. He encourages others to think creatively and tap into the power of personality and emotion for success. He has gone from 342 subscribers to a million, proving that hard work and dedication can pay off.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. How Damian Horner approaches business problems from an unconventional perspective, embracing ignorance and questioning norms.

2. The importance of adding value beyond content to stand out in a saturated content market.

3. The underestimated power of personality and emotion in professional communication.


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