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Amazing show!

I am so glad I came across this show! I’ve taken so many actionable and practical nuggets of advice to implement. Love tuning in!


Such a fun podcast to listen to. Dr. Barrett is KING of media and I love the value he brings. Keep up the solid work!

The Dr. is in the Hose!

All the episodes are full of energy, and full of valuable information. Thank you for the great content and great entertainment, to and from work!

The Joy Shines Through!

Dr Barrett, really loves his craft. His joy and insights will impact your media presence from day one. Must listen! - Mark Savant - After Hours Entrepreneur Podcast

Authentic & Real

Dr. Barrett Matthews is a man of integrity and authenticity, and it comes out in his podcast. He has a wealth of wisdom that will definitely help all who listen to become a Media Boss!

Dr. Black

Great podcast shows that are very informative. I have gained an abundance of knowledge listening and tuning in. I’m considering getting my own Podcast with Barret’s assistance! Keep up the excellence Podcasting!!

Dr. Barrett is the real deal

There are a lot of podcasters out there. Some are okay, some are good, but occasionally, you run into one that is GREAT. Dr. Barrett Matthews is a great podcast host who brings on incredible talent to share wisdom in a fun, enjoyable way that is easy to implement. An A+ show; keep it up!

Coming to the show late!!!

I’m loving what I’m hearing, just started listening and wish I found this way earlier, I love hearing all the positive information. Keep it coming.

So Good!

Love what Barrett does with his podcast! Such a likable approach and he’s a pro all the way!

Media Boss mindset

Dr. Mathers, I have binge listened because we speak the same language, share the mindset of controling our media and conversations. Thanks for lighting the way for those of us galloping forward no longer waiting for "them" to call us. Our hammer and nails are building our platforms, tables and chairs! Congrats as you stand in your longevity! Margo Lovett

Dr. Barrett Matthew’s the man, the myth, the legend

If you haven’t had the opportunity to hear this man speak, stop what you’re doing and listen in! This show will be a guiding source in your life and your business