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Helpful, no fluff, actionable information

Great podcast! Scott Aaron gives practical, real-world, actionable information every time. There is no fluff here.

Clear & Practical, as Advertised!

Scott comes back show after show with guests who share actionable tips and relatable stories — As a creative, I’m always trying to learn more about the business side and make my social presence work better for my biz - and for clients - so Scott’s show is a great resource!

Informative and Relatable

I love this! Every time I listen to Scott or speak with him, I learn something. And he is truly a good person, super down to earth and relatable on so many fronts. Would highly recommend his show!

Down to earth, honest, helpful!

Scott provides great info about how to grow your business in do-able steps. He and his guests share openly about their businesses and experiences - which helps me realize the trials but still have huge hopes!

Loved the Episode today!

So much value! Great Podcast.

Such a great podcast!

Scott brings so much value, energy, and authenticity to the entrepreneurial community! His podcast is filled with great actionable advice, and his coaching gets results. So glad I found you Scott!

Love this!

I was introduced to this podcast, and I love the highlights of each individuals story and empowering messages.

Must Listen to Podcast for Marketing and Networking!

So glad I have been connected and listen to Scott's podcast. Great tips and strategies that are down to earth and can apply right away. Tons of Value!


Great LinkedIn strategies for all businesses✨

Actionable concise info

So happy that I found this podcast. I’ve just started to ramp up a business and I’m making LinkedIn my main platform. The actionable, concise info that Scott presents has been invaluable!


Peaks my interest more in learning how to properly use LinkedIn, as it’s intended, listened twice to episode, though I still have question, I am understanding better, thanks Scott Audio was fast, but I was able to follow, Thanks Scott

To the point

Love how clear and to the point his direction is! Makes it simple without over complicating! There are several episodes I’ve taken direction and applied what he suggests, #212 specifically gave me great results!

The dude just gets it

I absolutely love the way Scott just gets right to the point. He’s lived an interesting life and the lessons he’s learned will definitely impact your life. This is worth a listen for sure.

Great info

Useful info on marketing from experts, interesting topics, well done

Love all the amazing guests!

Amazing podcast with an incredible host. If you are a business owner or online marketer, then you'll want to make sure you add this podcast to your favorites. I love all the experienced guests on this show and the quick, practical tips they provide to help us entrepreneurs succeed online.

Love The Content!

The topics and guests are exactly what I need. Love how each topic covers something I need to know and the host and guests give great advice!

Great content!

Networking is a massive part of my business. This podcast makes it easier to get out there and meet new business connections. Great show!

Invaluable marketing podcast!

If you are interesting in marketing, this podcast has all the information you need! Two thumbs up! 👍🏻

Interested in Network Marketing Listen to Thos

Scott Aaron has great tips for anyone looking to navigate the ups and downs of network marketing

Great podcast!

Scott does a great job of giving people the permission to show up as their authentic self and sell from a place of connection and service. I value his perspective and it really resonates with me. His LinkedIn episode really helped me! I highly recommend his podcast!

Right time for this kinda show!

If ever there was a day and age to be networking, it's now. So thanks to Scott for hosting a smart and informative podcast that you can apply to your everyday working existence.

Fantastic Informatiob

Love this show. Awesome information for anyone in business.

Great FB tips!

Scott shared some great practicable ideas on how to revamp my FB feed! I can not wait to implement these tips!

Cutting Edge Advice for Network Marketers

Scott provides such a refreshing perspective on how to grow your network marketing business. This is cutting-edge advice, and different from what you hear on other podcasts. I'm not even in network marketing, but I love listening to this to get ideas for growing my own business and helping my clients do the same!

Worth Your Time

Love Scott’s simple, clear, and to the point tips on the skills of network marketing and sales. I value the honesty of his messages.


Great podcast to listen to even if you're not in Network Marketing. So many principles that can be applied to any business. Well done, Scott!

A MUST listen

Scott ALWAYS speaks truth and gives you the actual cold hard and loving truth you need to be successful.

The 4 Problems Network Marketing is Facing in 2020

I loved this podcast! With Scott Aaron and The Network Marketing Made Simple Podcasts I feel like I have found my people. Everything Scott suggests in this podcast as the proper way to be a professional network marketer is the way I have worked and grown my business and teams over the past 7 years, and it's great to get confirmation that I'm growing my business the right way! I've only been listening to Scott's podcasts for a few weeks, and I'mimpressed with how knowledgeable he is about this profession. These podcasts, along with signing up for Scott's The Network Marketing Academy, is the guidance I have been looking for to go to the next level in my business. I'm so glad Scott was recommended to me.

Love this!

I find these podcasts so valuable and a pleasure to listen to and learn from

Great Podcast Great Coach

I have thoroughly enjoyed the podcasts of Scott Aaron. He provides in an enjoyable, organized, simple way very effective tips to brand ourselves and grow our business. Scott has a servant heart. While humble, he has the expertise and knowledge to help all of us to grow. Very grateful for the opportunity to listen to all of his podcasts!