March 9, 2023

The Ways In Which The Media World Is Rapidly Changing

The Ways In Which The Media World Is Rapidly Changing

Who Is Joshua?

A Voice for the Voiceless

A Voice for the Voiceless, Media Missionary, Producer, Best Selling Author, and Award Winning Filmmaker, Joshua T Berglan aka The World's Mayor is driven to elevate others' passion, purpose and mission. Joshua is the Executive Chairman of the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation, a non-profit media organization that provides services to the youth and those who are working to rehabilitate their lives like ex-convicts, addicts, trafficking victims, and the mentally "unique". The Live Mana Worldwide Foundation produces films, tv shows, publishes books, and provides full media services for those who need it most and has been responsible for creating the #1 International Best Selling Book and Award Winning Film, The Devil Inside Me with Joshua and his wife Jessica. 

Joshua is the host of multiple broadcasts, all self-hosted and distributed worldwide through print, audio, and video formats through his exclusive service, Media Company in a Box. Joshua's broadcasts do not fit into any one category, hence having multiple "shows", however at his core, he delivers messages of truth, hope, and inspiration. Joshua's audience will hear him speak about Media, Faith, New Media, Sexuality, HIV, Mental Health, Identity, Addiction, the Occult, Relationships, Conspiracy, Jesus, Purpose and Destiny, and Civil Rights Issues, and his interviews will showcase anyone he finds interesting.

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