Sept. 10, 2022

05 VISUAL TESTAMENTS- Bringing Hope to the hopeless!

05 VISUAL TESTAMENTS- Bringing Hope to the hopeless!

Join me with some of my South Carolina friends, Tim and Dawna Avery, ministers, realtors, authors, health coaches, and so much more to name!

In this episode we talk about unlocking God's gifts in others, helping to reveal the Father's love to the hurting and hopeless, the power of a 'tribe', and we also get into how married couples can learn how to use each other's strengths to build the kingdom, their marriage, and the business!

Be sure to check out their books,
Touched by my Father: A Healing Journey

Visual Testaments: Deliverance, Healing and Practical Ways to Bring Hope to the Hopeless for merch!
and for access to their AdvoCare website!

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