Sept. 26, 2022

07- Bryce McKinley- Trust Jesus!

07- Bryce McKinley- Trust Jesus!

From being a derelict teen from humble beginnings, facing prison sentences for manslaughter, to building a 100 million dollar Real Estate business, Bryce shares incredibly raw testimony of some of the ups and downs in his life.
From addiction, living the fast life, to loss of loved ones and on the verge of homelessness and suicide, we are in for a wild ride in this story!

Be sure to tune in until the end to hear how God is setting Bryce up to share his testimony on a world stage in the VERY Near Future!

Check out his book 5-Hour Flip, and his real estate coaching program at

Also, if you feel inspired to support the Raising Prophets mission, be sure to check out to give to a mission that saves lives and ministers the gospel to men dying in addiction.