Dec. 30, 2022

All Trails Lead To A Purpose, Not A Dead End | Chad Osinga

All Trails Lead To A Purpose, Not A Dead End | Chad Osinga

Chad is a retired Army sniper and combat applications instructor. He has had the unique opportunity to teach and train every branch of the military, FBI, US Marshals, DEA, and SWAT teams from various areas. Upon retiring, Chad began riding motorcycles and was hit on two separate occasions by reckless drivers. Not only did he have injuries from the military, but now 5 additional surgeries and needs more. Additionally, he had to learn how to walk again on two separate occasions.

On top of all of his injuries, he had to juggle a daughter who had a stroke at 5 years old and two autistic children. Chad's reality was daunting at best, but he and his wife found a way to overcome every situation that life has thrown their way. After his last accident, Chad realized his calling was to use his hardships, life lessons, and experiences to assist others in becoming the best version of themselves.

Chad is now a top motivational speaker who helps his viewer maximize their potential by altering their mindsets. Additionally, Chad speaks at schools and detention centers across the country to inspire our youth to become the best version of themselves and achieve greatness in their lives.

In this episode we discuss:
-Overcoming darkness
-Whatever you are facing, you have a purpose!
-Allow your life to inspire others

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