Jan. 21, 2023

Defining Yourself And Your Business Is Worth The Long Distance | Tori Barker

Defining Yourself And Your Business Is Worth The Long Distance | Tori Barker

“Creativity is intelligence having fun!” -Albert Einstein

Tori Barker is the Principal/Owner of Creative Marketing, a digital marketing, brand strategy, and consulting company. After an extensive career in corporate marketing, Tori was committed to launching a company that was innovative, creative, and committed to providing hands-on support and consulting services while partnering with small, mid-size businesses, and entrepreneurs throughout various industries in California and beyond.

Creative Marketing provides clients with strategic planning for their business or project development while delivering tangible results as well as guidance through all stages of the process. Tori's years of experience have given her a keen intuition about what will work best for each client’s needs and wants from their business or project.

Tori is a passionate, family-oriented, empathetic and trustworthy business leader who has spent her career building relationships with clients, colleagues, and communities.

In this episode we discuss:
-Niching down and getting specific
-Dealing with fear and finding success in creative marketing
-Social media is the marathon of business marketing

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