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I genuinely LOVE this show. I love the conversation, but more than that I enjoy the giving and kind energy of the host. You can tell when people actually care and Kyle does. One of the few shows I’ll keep on my roster.

Inspirational every time

Each episode is full of inspiring stories and brings so much value every time. I look forward to hearing each and every guest.

I love metaphors

I love metaphors! I love the idea of seeing life and entrepreneurship as a hike up a big mountain (or 200). I’m remembering little nuggets easily and enjoying hearing how all these cool people have overcome their vertical challenges.

Fun and Inspirational Podcast

I have learned so much from Kyle’s podcast. I smiled a lot, laughed a lot. I also was educated on life. Listen to this podcast as often as you can. If a shot of motivation is needed come to this podcast. I will listen to this podcast over and over again.

Great Encouragement!

Wow Kyle, I have only listen to three of your podcast and couldn’t wait any longer to make a review! Your title is so apropos for many things in life not just business. I can relate because I love the outdoors and I remember hiking Mount Whitney for my 50th birthday and the very top was the most challenging. I kept thinking just put one foot in front of the other and don’t quit. I made it and it was worth the work. Also I appreciated your own story and you willingness to share the raw truth. I love true stories because they give hope for all of us! In times like these the world needs people encouraging each other, thank you for doing that Kyle, keep up the good work! By the way the one on marriage was fun and I got some great ideas!😁

Pulling Each Other Along

Five Stars for sure! Kyle’s podcast will give you that one nugget of inspiration combined with at least one great story from his guest. This is a worth while podcast to follow!