March 18, 2023

View From The Top | Jenn Drummond

View From The Top | Jenn Drummond

Jenn Drummond is an entrepreneur, a mom of 7, and a relative newcomer to the mountaineering scene. After surviving what should have been a fatal car crash in 2018, she decided it was time to stop living on autopilot and instead, live her life with purpose and intention.

Facing her own mortality emboldened her to make the absolute most of every moment – starting with the highest point on Earth.

It all began in a moment of homework-induced frustration when one of her sons challenged her can-do motto of “we do hard things” by asking: “then why haven’t you climbed Mt. Everest yet?"

Now, just two short years later, Jenn has conquered Everest and 6 other peaks, on her way to become the first female ever to complete the Seven Second Summits.

In this episode we discuss:
-Facing fear
-Perspective from the top
-Impacting others with your pursuit

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