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“It’s never too late for a rewrite!”

I love this podcast. Aaron dishes up pragmatic and accessible life and career advice for anyone interested in leading a more fulfilling existence. No matter how successful you are - or how intense your desire to improve - you will find something to like here. You can tell Aaron has a theater and acting background - the stories he tells are so crisp and compelling. And perhaps most importantly, they are fun and engaging! Keep it up Aaron & team - you are making a difference with this podcast!

Lively, informative and practical!

Aaron has a wonderful, lively and energizing presence that come through with his stories. The information he shares are not only informative and wonderful little nuggets of wisdom, but is presented in a way that is easy to digest and apply as needed in your own life. He brings a lightness to topics that can seem challenging and shares in way that helps them seem more manageable. These episodes are reasonably short which is perfect for those who may struggle with attention or time. Overall I highly recommend this channel for anyone needing some perspective to help you grow.

We’re All Storytellers

When do we outgrow our need for a good story? It’s a trick question, because the answer is “We don’t.” Not paying attention to the ways we continually tell ourselves stories about our past, our present and our future, is what prevents us from living the life we’re created for. Aaron’s podcast helps you understand of the power of storytelling to shape lives, and how to harness that power for your own benefit and the benefit of others.

Aaron J Jacobs ROCKS!

Aaron is such a compelling speaker and makes you want to do better.

Speaks my language

The inner critic episode spoke right to me. I love the straightforward explanation and tips to do the work on my own. Good stuff!

New Favorite Podcast

Stumbled across this through LinkedIn and binged all three episodes. Aaron does a great job of breaking things down simply, and keeping the concepts approachable.

A New Story

I’ve run a website for close to a decade and really felt it start to stagnate of late. I’m so happy Aaron has decided to share his immense knowledge on how to rewrite our narratives and stories as it has provided me new found inspiration to take my site and online presence to new avenues! Instant subscribe!

Always Been a Fan!!

This podcast is amazing hearing the breakdown will help someone struggling see a different way to succeed … great job team!!! Can’t wait to hear more!!! We learned in stores 8 years ago that our retail environment gave us the freedom to be honest and be an advisor to our customer. Discover needs and ease pain-points! This has always made me intentional and personal with my customers. Bringing the products to life by sharing experiences and truth has always landed me in store success. I had a customer base I am proud to say I hold to this day. That storied approach has always helped to sell without selling as I like to say.

Only follow Storied Coaching if you want to be successful

Aaron’s straightforward, authentic, joyful approach is simple to implement and robust in it’s impact.


I learn something new every time I listen

Be memorable

Do you envy when speakers captivate your attention and wish you could do the same? Then this podcast is for you. Aaron brilliantly breaks down the steps you can use to be a great storyteller. Be the captive leader you want to be!

Quick High Energy Episodes!

Loving this podcast from Aaron Jacobs. I already knew Aaron and followed his videos on LinkedIn and I was super excited to see there is now a way to get Aaron in Podcast Form. Aaron has great, positive, smart energy- and he manages to bring his a-game to these quick digestible episodes. As a self employed person whose running my show from home on my own, Aaron's coaching and ideas bring a lot of value to my life. Not to be weird, but it's pretty much the perfect timing to listen to during my shower process and start my day off right.

Good Stuff

Aaron comes off as very authentic. So many of these coaching podcasts feel derivative, but not this one. Aaron is an unique voice in a flooded market. Look no further.

Happy voice! Happy choice!

Aaron has a voice that draws you in and makes you want to listen. He has easy steps to guide the process of life story changes for any age. I can’t recommend this podcast enough. Whether you are looking for major life goal direction or just needing the nudge to stick and stay on a new hobby: this podcast is the go-to for recognizing your demons and sitting them in the backseat while you take the wheel. Can’t wait for the next eoisode.


I truly find inspiration, valuable nuggets like ‘The Magic If’ to create motions in my business drivers life and continuing to write to pages leveling up my brain to embrace life in general! The content and narratives you share are excellent tools and GOOD Daymaking mental aerobics! What If!?! AND I love hearing more! Thank you Aaron and Team! Shine On, Shine Bright!

Big Brother Energy

I’d follow this guy off a cliff, it’s that good people!

Excellent coaching podcast

Aaron has an infectious enthusiasm. Great stuff!

I liked it a lot

However, I may be biased.😎