March 8, 2023

50. Revolutionizing Healthcare Education with VR Simulations

50. Revolutionizing Healthcare Education with VR Simulations

Whether it’s a new sport, a new language, or a new instrument, we can’t master a skill overnight. We learn by practicing and making mistakes along the way. That isn’t an option in the medical field because lives are at stake. That’s why Danny Goel, the founder and CEO of Precision OS, has created a simulation software that incorporates VR and AR to allow medical professionals to practice their skills and gain a deeper understanding of a procedure before entering the operating room.

Join Jim and Danny as they explore virtual reality in the medical field. Danny shares his journey in creating Precision OS as they talk about the future of medical care and the challenges that come with implementing new technology in an industry that’s baked in tradition.

3 Key Takeaways

  • Validate Before You Scale: Don’t raise funds until you see a direct path towards acceleration. Make sure your agenda aligns with your investor’s agenda, and that the money you raise will go straight into creating tangible results for the goals you have set. 
  • Feature vs. Value: Don’t focus simply on the wow-factor of your product or service. Creating value that lasts is the key to a sustainable future. 
  • Valuable Reps > More Reps: People need repetition to learn a skill, but a lot of learning gets diluted in people not being equipped for different situations. e.g., If you’re practicing 3-point shots, yes you should take plenty of shots alone to hone your form, but you also need reps where you have a defender in your face because that’s what you’d face in the game situation. 

Danny’s LinkedIn
Precision OS Website

Danny Goel is an Orthopedic Surgeon in Vancouver, BC. He has a passion for evaluating and managing complex shoulder disorders, improving access to care and educating the next and current generations of surgeons. This has translated into his role as CEO and Founder of Precision OS, a software company focused on immersive experiential virtual reality based medical education.

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