March 14, 2023

51. Using People Ops to Improve the Employee Experience

51. Using People Ops to Improve the Employee Experience

Workers share more data with their employers than with any other service. Whether it’s work history, educational experience,family structure, etc. employers have all of this information at their fingertips. 

What if that data could be used to deliver a better experience for every employee? That’s the question that Kiran Menon asked when he founded Tydy, a People Ops Automation platform. 

Kiran believes with the increasing number of systems in organizations, employee data is just sitting in silos, and he saw a need for a product to build a cohesive, unified profile of an individual.

Join Jim and Kiran as they discuss how a People Ops platform can improve the employee experience. They discuss whatPeople Ops means and its growing popularity, building custom systems for large businesses (we’re talking 100,000+), and how Kiran’s experience in enterprise sales translates to his work as a founder of a startup.

3 Key Takeaways

  • Don’t Shy Away From the Rough Days: When building a business, it’s inevitable that you’ll go through rough patches. Embrace those challenges as they come and build back better every time. You want to build an organization that lasts. 
  • Identify Your Gatekeepers: Although these aren’t the people who are actually purchasing your service, gatekeepers have a huge influence on whether or not your deal goes through. Find a way to show value to them and how you can make them look good in the sales process! 
  • Navigating Procurement: When selling to an enterprise, you’re not just selling to the user-group of the product, you have to convince the whole company to get on board. In many cases, this means you will need to go through a procurement process. Be patient, focus on the overall value of your product, and trust in what you’ve created. 

Kiran’s LinkedIn
Tydy Company Website

Kiran Menon is the CEO & Co-Founder at Tydy - the People Ops Automation platform. Prior to starting Tydy, Kiran worked 17 years in Sales & Consulting with companies like Opera Software, Case Consulting Group and more.

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