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Great stories that are rarely told!

Every entrepreneur is quick to tell tales about their wins. Jim does a great job of bringing the other side of the story to light. The best lessons come from failures. You learn the most from "The Dirt".

The Right Conversations at the Right Time

As an executive in tech, the people that Jim brings on, and the dialogues they have offer me a different perspective and provide me insight to the daily operations of the teams I’m of apart of. I assess my personal strategy, and the team’s, to then compare with what was learned to see what are the opportunities for continued growth and success. This podcast is genuinely great for those striving to be better professionals that want to be more effective, and efficient, in their roles, and even day to day life. I appreciate that the discussions had happen right when I need them. Plus, it makes me sound super smart when I go back to my teams. It’s also great that individuals from all professions across various industries get to share their experiences, and the podcast reaches out instead of staying in narrow lane.

Real Desk for Today's Environment in Growing your Business

I look forward to every Podcast that Jim puts out. He is a very special leader with tremendous understanding of today's business challenges and excels in analyzing, discussing, educating and most importantly coming up with a plan to move the company forward. The Podcasts are interesting and short enough not to lose focus. Jim is the real deal!

The Dirt Delivers

I’ve worked closely with Jim Barnish and his team at Orchid Black for several years now and I can tell you first hand that Jim gets startup businesses and he gets entrepeneurs / founders. He’s got the same passion that we do and that really shines through on his new podcast. The Dirt delivers.

Best podcast for entrepreneurs. Hands. Down.

Jim has best in class understanding of the entrepreneur’s journey and how the “intangibles” can impede growth. The Dirt should be listened to by everyone and anyone that works with tech companies at any stage, and could be used as a playbook to build a company.

Great Podcast For Founders and Entrepreneurs

As a founder and entrepreneur I can tell you that the knowledge shared in this podcast is absolute gold that they do not teach in business school.

Getting to the heart of entrepreneurship!

This isn’t fluff, it’s the real dirt about what it means to be an entrepreneur, from the spectacular highs to the harrowing lows. Jim is an accomplished entrepreneur himself, and the guests he features aren’t idea people with shallow pitches, they’re real people grinding their way up the startup ladder every single day. If you’re looking for a refreshing and real look at what entrepreneurs are really grappling with, you can’t get better than this.

COO NOW Publishing

This podcast is one of the very few I reccomend to professionals, both business owners and corporate experts as it is packed with out of the box conversations! Subscribe and follow this influencer, Jim Barnish!

Jim’s very adept at interviewing

The Dirt is a great podcast for anyone wanting to build and scale a company. There is lots of information from many experts here and it’s a must listen. Jim’s interview style is also very authentic, which is something I care deeply about.

Real stories about the hard work it takes to see growth

I have struggled to find the perfect podcast that gets raw and real, and focuses on a journey that is much harder than I realized when I started my first company. As Jim puts it, it’s not a yellow brick road, and that’s okay. More than okay! So I highly recommend that founders listen in to hear from others who are just like them, have grown good tech businesses, and are comfortable talking about the hard times that led them to where they are today… and some that they are still growing through in the dirt.

The Dirt is the way!

Love how all of the guests on the dirt have so many different backgrounds. It’s incredible to see how they each became great entrepreneurs in their one way and in their own dirt. Really enjoy how Jim dishes out the dirt with all of the guests and I learn so much in such a short timeframe.

A GEM for everyone

Jim does a great job asking questions that I want and need answered for myself and team. Anyone looking to get into business should take the time to learn from him and guests.

Actionable Advice in Every Episode!

Jim is an expert when it comes to asking the right questions. With each founder on his show, he is able to dive in “the dirt” beyond the obvious product or revenue problem and offer actionable strategy & advice. It’s great to see the founders talking about real challenges and not just promoting themselves on the pedestal. Can’t wait for the next episode!

Valuable and actionable insights

Jim Barnish is an incredible host and interviewer. He knows how to get to the heart of the good, the bad, the ugly … and the dirt in between. Every founder’s journey is packed full of lessons we can all learn from and this podcast illuminates them. If you want to learn while being inspired, this podcast is a must!

This is a great pod.

This is a great pod. Each episode is an unvarnished look at how/ what you need to do really grow your business. These episodes dive deep with entrepreneurs / business leaders as they tell their personal stories of the challenges they faced (and still face) to survive and thrive. Give it a listen - great stuff.

Very informative business podcast by experienced leaders

It’s rare when you get to listen to stories of entrepreneurs in a way where you get deep insights into some of the biggest lessons they’ve learned over their careers.

Great Speakers, Great Advice

Really enjoyed these podcasts. The guest speakers spoke honestly and gave great input on their ups and downs. Very informative with their stories. I especially liked the section called “Founder Five Questions” at the end of the podcast. Highly recommend “The Dirt”

Fun, direct, & relevant!

I love this podcast. Entertaining, valuable, fun! I appreciate the insights shared by founders willing to share what they’ve learned along the long road of the entrepreneur. Love the Founder Five segment and the host! I highly recommend to anyone interested in the growth journey.

Refreshing approach on growth

Insightful podcast that isn’t afraid to dig into the struggles people face when trying to grow their companies. By unearthing some of the struggles, victories, and all things in between, The Dirt helps listeners gain insights that are often overlooked in other business podcasts.

Start up and scale up

Great podcast with nuggets of wisdom and practical advice. Anyone looking to advance their start up or consulting career should listen to every episode!

The perspective we need on growth

Refreshingly unique perspective. The vast majority of business podcasts focus on enormous success, highlighting or glorifying all the insanely clever moves that resulted in a billion dollar valuation in x number of years. In doing so, they create impossible standards and omit the struggles millions of businesses face in becoming successful. The Dirt focuses on an objective path to growing a successful business, in doing so, tackling all the tough questions that business owners face every day. If you want a business podcast that understands the problems founders face and provides real solutions and advice The Dirt is the perfect podcast for you.

For those serious about building companies

The Dirt is a must-listen for those interested in building and scaling technology companies. It gets into the nitty gritty with the guests on the show and talks through the highs and lows that go into building a business. This is not the place to only hear the wins of entrepreneurship, but to understand the journey behind it.