Jan. 27, 2023

1. Defining the Most Important BARRIER to Your Brand

1. Defining the Most Important BARRIER to Your Brand

In this episode of THE IMPACT BRAND DOCTOR™ PODCAST, we lift up the Brand journey of DK Warinner, Founder of The Center of Calmness: Your Personal Power to Think, Grow and Lead, and author of Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm are Now Optional. DK speaks to executive teams, business audiences and personal & career development groups, and he’s a success coach to executives.

 The powerful impacts of DK Warinner’s work include business executives gaining acknowledgment as a model and a leader and sharing their Strength of Calmness with those they mentor, as well as people worldwide who have suffered anxiety or stress becoming self-empowered to drive their level 9 or 10 anxiety or stress down to a level 1 or 2 in minutes, using The DK Method for Stress and Anxiety Elimination.

Rich Strategy Nugget Highlights:

 At 10:24 - “Use testimonials to overcome the ocean of information and messages in your industry that prevents you from getting credit for what makes you outstanding”;

     At 16:42 - “Define your #1 Barrier and overcome it using the #1 Message in your Message Hierarchy that speaks with gravitas, knowingly and magnetically”.

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Go to https://Calendly.com/Calmness to invite Author & Speaker DK Warinner to speak to your group, or to calendar a Calmness Session with DK.

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