Jan. 27, 2023

2. When You Feel You Are Ready, But Your Brand is Not!

2. When You Feel You Are Ready, But Your Brand is Not!

In this episode of THE IMPACT BRAND DOCTOR™ PODCAST, we lift up the Brand journey of Dr. Mary O’Dwyer, Ph.D., the visionary Founder of the Brand: The Breath of New Life: Relief Today. Transformation Forever. Mary’s contribution to people’s lives became elevated from researching food enzymes and catalysts in chemical reactions to becoming a human catalyst herself as a certified breath therapist, helping people reconnect with themselves and enlighten their lives. Her science-inspired focus on results that are practical and pragmatic helps people to release their traumas and dramas and to breathe easier so they can grow into their unlimited potential. Her work through The Breath Of New Life skillfully applies mixed modalities to bring relief and release from overwhelm to bring joy back to life for individuals worldwide. Mary O’Dwyer regularly speaks to share her gifts with organizations, communities and leadership teams.

The powerful impacts of Mary O’Dwyer’s work include an individual’s re-awakening to the infinity of her potential and accepting her own higher frequency as a gift she chooses to share, and individuals worldwide who are suffering from overwhelm or from a loss that dampened their life spark now becoming joyously present experiencing the enlivening energy within her body, mind and spirit, gaining relief today, and transformation forever.

Rich Strategy Nugget Highlights:

 At 09:40 - “Use your impacts, allow the impacts you clearly see making on peoples’ lives when your Brand thrives, envision it, and let those impacts give your Brand its powerful intangible Brand Promise.”

 At 14:44 - “To get your Brand ready and make it come alive and not fall flat, focus on the steps to ensure your Brand projects the 4 things that make a brand come alive and attract:

1. Congruence  2. Consistency across the board  3. Consistent language that transfers energy  4. Recognizability”

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View people’s stories of Mary’s impacts at https://thebreathofnewlife.com/women-worldwide/

Reach out to Speaker Dr. Mary O’Dwyer at https://thebreathofnewlife.com/contact-and-connect

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