Feb. 2, 2023

3. Gaps in Your Brand - Can You Fix the Mis-Match?

3. Gaps in Your Brand - Can You Fix the Mis-Match?

In this episode of THE IMPACT BRAND DOCTOR™ PODCAST, we are lifting up the Brand journey of Maritza Perez, Agency Founder and CEO of Virtual Assist. Maritza is transforming her team into a higher visibility agency. Maritza speaks to audiences of entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches and authors who want to increase their visibility and share their message with more impact.

The powerful impacts of agency owner Maritza Perez’s work include growing exposure for an individual whose work and Brand are worthy to lift up, and paving the path to much higher visibility that strategically serves the Brand, as well as providing purposeful, well-paying and impactful work of women who must work from home to lovingly care for family members.

Rich Strategy Nugget Highlights:

  •  10:24 - “Use testimonials to overcome the ocean of information and messages in your industry that prevents you from getting credit for what makes you outstanding”;
  • 16:42 - “Define your #1 Barrier and overcome it using the #1 Message in your Message Hierarchy that speaks with gravitas, knowingly and magnetically”.

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  • It’s your time to get more visibility, send an Email with the Subject Line “My Time” to info@MP-VirtualAssist.com for more information of how Maritza and her team can be your Visibility Accelerator!
  • Put yourself on Agency Owner Maritza Perez’s calendar at https://Calendly.com/mp-virtualassist-Maritza.   

Connect with Rich:

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