Feb. 23, 2023

6. A Brand that Guides People to be The Best You and Getting People to Step Up

6. A Brand that Guides People to be The Best You and Getting People to Step Up

In this episode of THE IMPACT BRAND DOCTOR™ PODCAST, we are lifting up the brand journey of Bernardo Moya, the visionary founder of The Best You, a dynamic and forward-thinking brand that seeks to inspire and motivate individuals to achieve their full potential. The Best You is built on the foundation of offering groundbreaking, inspirational, and educational information to viewers, including original interviews, powerful inspiring stories, and enriching personal development content. 

In a world where it's easy to feel lost and disconnected, Moya sees love and bringing people together as a powerful force for positive change. Ultimately, his hope is that The Best You brand will encourage people to wake up to their sense of responsibility and step up to be a force for good in the world.

Rich Strategy Nugget Highlights:

07:30 - “Intangible brand promises”, putting words together in a way that makes people sense that there is something in the brand that they want. 

10:25 - “Use testimonials in the language of your brand. So there are certain characteristics that you must get credit for in order to make the impacts you're making.”

You can experience Bernardo Moya as he hosts THE BEST YOU EXPO March 3rd-5th at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

https://di373.isrefer.com/go/free-ticket-LA-Expo/R2042K/  is the LINK to your FREE ticket to attend LIVE in person or VIRTUALLY Online.

Learn more about Bernardo Moya, Author, Creator of The Best You brand, The Best You EXPO, The Best You TV, and The Best You Magazine at https://thebestyou.tv/founders/  and contact Bernardo personally through info1@TheBestYou.co.

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Connect with Rich:

Rich’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/richkozakrichbrands/ 

About the Guest

Bernardo would like to think of himself as the “Chief Inspiring Officer”. He’s an NLP Trainer and the author of The Question and loves how The Best You, The Best You EXPO, The Best You Magazine, The Legacy Club and our digital content is “shaking up” the world of self-improvement. When he does manage to tear himself away from The Best You, you will find him travelling the world on his motorbike!