Feb. 10, 2023

Creating Sustainable Habits with Coach Joe Callari: How to Master Habitual Lifestyles & Reach Your Goals

Start your journey to a healthier lifestyle today by learning the secrets to creating a successful habitual routine!

"You can give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or you can teach a man how to fish and feed him for the rest of his life." - Coach Joe Callari

Coach Joe Callari, the founder and CEO of Heartletics, is passionate about helping busy dads burn body fat and create sustainable habits. Through his own journey, he learned how to provide the support and tools necessary to be successful. He wants to make the world a better place for his son and all other kids, encouraging individuals to break free of their self-limiting beliefs and find a coach to help them reach their goals. Through his program, he helps them identify their why, create a 2.0 version of themselves, and ignite their own spark to make a positive impact in the world. With his motto to change dad bods into father figures, Coach Joe Callari is empowered to do just that.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How to Create Sustainable Habits to Help Busy Dads Burn Body Fat
2. Transforming Dad Bods into Father Figures with Mindset and Fat Loss Coaching
3. Don't Give Up: Igniting Your Spark to Make the World a Better Place


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Transcription Tyler Tapp 00:00:01 Alright . Welcome to the second in command my friends . We've got Coach Joe on here today. There's so much for you to be had. I'll let him say hello in just a second . But I just want all of you guys to remember your nuggets from today. That's one thing we take away every single time . Just remember there's a few nuggets you need to take away. You don't need to remember everything . We just want you to walk away today with a couple of key things that you can say. Ah, that's exactly what wanted to stick with today. And I think having Coach Joe here is going to help with that a lot . He is a Heartletic sets his company . He's the CEO and founderright . Am I correct in that ? Coach Joe Callari 00:00:34 Yes sir. Tyler Tapp 00:00:35 It looked like it from what I was studying there for five minutes beforehand . But Coach Joe, from everything that I've seen and just the conversation I've got with him, he really understands habitual lifestyles , which is I think everybody understands that when it comes to your health and wellness in general , whether that's with your body or your mind , it's all about habits . And so I am pumped to get in today with Coach Joe. We already had a great conversation . I should have just been recording beforehand , but that's okay. We'll get you guys back in. I'm sure we'll repeat a couple of things that are awesome. But, Coach Joe, I want to hear your story . I want people to hear a little bit where you come from , why you're , where you are and then we'll just keep going from there . Coach Joe Callari 00:01:11 Yeah, I'll keep it very short and very simple . Tyler Tapp 00:01:15 Everyone has a short story in life. It's not long at all. Coach Joe Callari 00:01:18 No. Just 25 minutes or so. No. So long story short , Joe, clara is my real name. Right. Go by Coach Joe. Yes. Founder, CEO of Heartletics . I have an amazing team that helps me. And what we focus on is just helping busy dads burn body fat . We do so by just giving them all the tools to create sustainable habits . Tell us what we talked about a little bit before hitting record . We like to keep it simple . Right. Like most guys back when their kids , they needed their parents to brush their teeth for them . And then when they got to middle school , right , they needed their parents to remind them , hey Johnny, brush your teeth so that way you don't get cavities or bad breath for the girls at school . And then they grow up during their forty s. Fifty s? Sixty s. They can brush their teeth all by themselves . So we like to focus on the same routine . How do we train somebody and give somebody all the tools to succeed on their health and fitness journey to where they can actually hold themselves accountable ? We like to use the phrase , I'm sure you heard this before . You can give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or you can teach a man how to fish and feed him for the rest of his life. So just through me and the different certifications and training , nutrition , I just really found my home with just helping out busy dad simply because I am one myself. And also I want to make sure that I just leave my footprint and making this world a better place . I know my son, he just turned four years old yesterday . I want to make sure when he grows up in a world , he doesn't have to be worried so much and you see all the news and the negativity that's out there and on social media. I want to just make sure that I leave my footprint and just trying my best to leave a big impact and making this world more of a better place . That's it. Tyler Tapp 00:02:51 That's awesome. So one of the things I'm catching for you, and I love this , is you have a pretty stinking organized life, I would imagine , right ? At least most of it. None of us are perfectly organized . But what has helped you, like, what got you to the point where you felt like you could teach other people this ? Coach Joe Callari 00:03:11 I would say, well, habits for one, for sure. But also, it's just I really like figuring out what is the solution to someone's problems . That's it. I'm a problem solver. So when somebody applies , they're letting us know their occupation , passing current injuries , more about their lifestyle , like, how many days could they train , whether that's in the gym or whether it's at home, with or without equipment , dietary preferences , what they like, what they don't like. And I just like to be like, okay, so what is the small little tweaks ? What is the moving of the puzzles ? And then just throw it up on the wall and see what works . And nine times out of ten, it typically works pretty well for these guys , but it's not because we have some kind of secret sauce with the meal plans or the workouts . It's mainly because they have support , right ? Like, I say like this all the time . When guys grow up, right , they're playing sports typically when they're kids , baseball , football , basketball , they have that team. But when they get married , it's typically just them and their spouse , and they don't have that support of people to hold them accountable . I'm a big fan of what Les Brown says. He's a motivational speaker. Birds of a feather flock together . So if you hang around with life and losers , right , you become a loser. You hang around in life with winners , you become a winner. So we just make sure that the team that we have that holds these guys accountable and supports them , it's just nothing . But just say, we're here to help you every step of the way. Here to make sure that you have that winner's mindset first thing in the morning and just spacing out throughout the course of the day, but just giving them the tools and most ensure we give them the reassurance knowing that they can do it. It's possible that way they don't lack that steam of motivation . Tyler Tapp 00:04 :50 Yeah, funny. I think the question that everyone's having right now is like, what do you do when you don't have a coach ? Right? Step one. Go hire Coach Joe. But next to that , right , what do you do when you don't have a coach saying, hey, these are some areas you need to focus on. Coach Joe Callari 00:05:05 Yeah. So this is the key for everybody , including our clients . So if you're somebody from the outside in and you don't have a coach right now, find somebody , and it could be, hey, somebody on YouTube that you enjoy listening to or enjoy watching . Right. Somebody that you idolize , it doesn't matter at all because what do you want to do is just break the self limiting beliefs of the past that's holding you back from success . Everybody typically has a pain, and typically we're kind of drawn to that pain, right . Because we're scared of stepping outside our comfort zone towards that new version of ourselves , that new identity . And so that's why I like Roger banderson . He was the first person ever to run the four minute mile, and everybody thought it was impossible . Like, doctors literally thought the human heart would explode if somebody was able to complete it, but he was able to do it, and then a few months later, hundreds of people were able to complete it. Now there's high school is able to complete it. Why? It broke the self learning beliefs . And so I think if somebody doesn't have a coach , make up your own coach , become your own coach . Right. At the end of day, it doesn't have to be hard. It's just you can't lack that discipline . We always go over, like, consistency is the key. That's it. You can be as dumb as rocks and as slow as a snail. It doesn't matter at all. In order to have success , you just need to keep on going . It's all about the long game and just stop thinking . We talked about this before , right ? The overnight success , once you can get that out of your mindset and just focus on, hey, I'm doing something today that's going to help me become 1% better tomorrow . Just continue doing that . Whether it's walking more, whether it's eating more protein , whether it's just a better night's sleep, or whether it's just dealing with ways of getting rid of some of that stress , whether it's mental , whether it's emotional , whatever the case may be, it's just , hey, what can we improve on today for a better tomorrow ? Tyler Tapp 00:06:55 Well, I love that you're bringing that up because we were talking about atomic habits , right ? The book atomic habits beforehand . And I feel like everyone's heard about it. It's just like sweet . It's a social buzz . It has been for a year now. A year and a half, two years, whatever it's been. And it's funny, I see things like that pop up all the time where it's like, oh, my gosh , this is so new. But the reason why it's so popular is because it's so sinking true . It really is. Anybody who's seen any success at anything , no matter how small or how big it is, it's come from starting with a habit and sticking with it. Right. We were talking about Coach Joe's Podcast . What's the name of your podcast , by the way? Coach Joe Callari 00:07:33 Just heartletics hearthletics name. Yeah. Tyler Tapp 00:07:36 Keeping these good branding . Our branding guys will love that . But he was telling me beforehand that he made a commitment to him and his people that I'm just going to podcast and I'm not going to stop . And you started in August , and how many episodes are you into it, do you know? Coach Joe Callari 00:07:51 I don't know, man. I know before August I did I think maybe 2030 episodes . And then yeah, my promise to myself was just to focus on a goal. Every year I like to give myself a goal for my birthday . And this year was, hey, I'm going to podcast Monday through Friday with her. I feel like it or not . So I don't know, man. How many weeks? Tyler Tapp 00:08 :10 We are well over 100 easy. Coach Joe Callari 00:08 :13 Yeah, it's a lot . Tyler Tapp 00:08 :16 And let me ask you this , that's just one thing . I'm passionate about podcasting , obviously , but what's been your experience ? Even though it sucks sometimes doing it right ? You said you said you lose your voice , you don't want to do it. You have a day. I'm sure you've had dozens of days. You got to the end of the day and you're like, crap , I haven't done that today. What's that mindset switch for you that says, I'm going to stick with something ? Coach Joe Callari 00:08 :39 Yeah, I think for me, honestly , Tyler, obviously we share the same religion , right ? Backgrounds and everything like that we kind of talked about before the podcast . I always look at it as like, life's not granted . And I think having that mindset has helped me out so much more than the competition or people out there that just seem to give up, because I literally view everything as like, this could be my last day, and the last thing that I want is me to let's say I make it all the way up to heaven, right ? I was a good boy here on earth , and God is just like, hey, how was it down there , Joe? I'm like, oh, man, it was amazing . I had a blast . Start my own business , had the best coaching team to work for me and help me out . We changed all these lives. It was great . And he's like, dude , that sounds great , man. Come here. And he pulls me aside and he brings me into like, a movie theater and he clicks on a little remote and then there's like, Joe Calori, like the life that he had planned for me. And it was like all these amazing things that I never got to do because I was too scared to step out of my comfort zone or too scared to take that leap of faith . So I live my life as like, what if this is my last day? What do I want to be remembered as? If people are going to my funeral , what are they going to say? Hey, this was a loser that just sat around , worked his nine to five and just was complaining and went through life, or, hey, he lived life to the fullest . Balls to the wall, baby. So I just always have that about me, and I think that's what just drives me. And it's a habit because obviously we mentioned that there's days where I don't feel like doing it right . Every dog has it today, but you got to have something , right ? Either somebody's getting away from pain or towards pleasure . I utilize that pain to push me to greatness , if that makes sense. I really make that my driving force where regardless if I feel like it or not , I'm thinking in the back of my head, well, hey, I got plenty of haters . Somebody's praying on my downfall . I got people to prove wrong . So it's a little mix of the match of the two , like, hey, making sure God's happy with what I'm doing . I'm really trying to make a positive impact in this world , but at the same time , like, I don't want somebody looking down and say, yeah, you know what ? He said he was going to do this and he he missed a day, right ? Yeah. I knew he was going to fail. So it's kind of like the mixture of the two . Tyler Tapp 00:10:49 Yeah. It's just that up internal and external pressure that you put on yourself . I feel like this is something I'm an introvert by nature . I portray as an introvert oftentimes , so by nature I'm an introvert . I feel like you probably deal with a lot of introverts as the people you coach , right , because they come to you saying, hey, I cannot do this myself, right ? I need someone to help. How do you help someone ? I know it's individual and it's personalized , which is how you do it, but how do you help somebody who gets to that point where they're just like, I'm not good at holding myself to stuff like that . How do they start those habits ? So what do you have to say about that ? Coach Joe Callari 00:11:28 So with almost everybody , right , we figure out their why and we figure out their goal. We always like to say this , whether it's somebody that's introverted that wants a little bit of help or somebody that's trying to burn body fatter , somebody that wants to get off their medications . We helped hundreds of guys get off their medications . Even a few guys reverse their type two diabetes . And I love that . I love bragging about that because it's literally putting years added on to their life. But regardless of the person , we want to figure out their why. And we always go over what's called the seven layer why. So I'll walk through it real quick , right ? Yeah. I love that . Most people , they want to lose weight , right ? And so put this in term of any goal out there , whether it's weight loss, career status , finances , relationship , anything you want to go through this exercise . So let's just use for the sake of this weight loss, right ? I'll ask you, hey, what's your goal? Right? Somebody's going to say, oh, well, I want to lose 20 £30. So that's the first why. Well, why do you want to lose 20 £30 ? Well, I want to have more energy to play with my kids . Maybe that's the second why. Well, why do you want to have more energy to play with the kids kids ? Well, when I come home from work , I'm dead tired , I'm sitting on the couch drinking a beer, watching TV, and I realize I'm not creating healthy habits for the entire family. I'm kind of missing out . Okay, well, why is that important to you? Back when I was in middle school , I got picked on and made fun of, kind of bullied for being overweight . And I don't want that to happen to my kids either. Well, why is that important to you? Right? And it's just this snowball effect . Tyler Tapp 00:12:54 Yeah. Coach Joe Callari 00:12:55 Because at the end of the day, when anybody has a deep rooted why, it's what's going to help them get out of bed in the morning , plain and simple . There's going to be days where it's cold , there's going to be days where you're sick . But you know, if I just want to lose £20, it's like I can easily sleep in. But if it's like, hey, I don't want my kids get made fun of. And I want to make sure that when they're adults just like myself, that they're physically fit . Maybe they're not dealing with high blood pressure , high cholesterol , whatever the case may be, and they have tons of energy. Well, hey, it's a lot easier to get out of bed from there . So that's the first mission is figuring out somebody's why, and then the second is just figure out somebody's goals , right . The 2.0 version of themselves . And we always like to say this in a perfect world , right ? Like, you got the money, you got the clothes , you got everything . Like what's that ? Tyler Tapp 00:13:44 Yeah, no resistance , right ? Coach Joe Callari 00:13:46 Exactly. No resistance at all. Where is it that you're trying to get to, like plain and simple ? Because if you can just start connecting the dots , it's very easy to say, okay, this is the goal of where I'm trying to get to the pleasure , but I'm also trying to get rid of the pain, right ? And it's pretty simple to just start waking up slowly but surely. And obviously when you start creating a habit , just like James Cruz talk about atomic habits . It's that snowball effect where over time , it just becomes a lot easier. Tyler Tapp 00:14:15 Yeah, that's awesome. I love that . I appreciate you sharing that . We're going to definitely take note of that . And I think it's one of your nuggets today, guys . Yeah, it really is. Your why. And I love you said the pain and the pleasure . I love that because I think oftentimes we all live in that in between state where we don't look at the pain in our lives and we don't look at the pleasure either. We're just like, yeah, we're just where we are, right ? Coach Joe Callari 00:14:38 It's like groundhog today over and over again. Tyler Tapp 00:14:41 Yeah. What do you feel like? It's one of the most common why for people I know. You listed a few off there . Coach Joe Callari 00:14:53 The most common why is always service level weight loss. And then when we were able to break it down , it's what exactly we go to. And that's typically like our motto , if you want to call it that , is just like, hey, we help change the dad bods into father figures . So we get it down to where typically most of these guys , that when they get signed up, they want to become a leader for their families , right ? They want to do more for being that inspiration . We try to empower everybody . He just says, like, hey, we're just the voice , we're the oven, right ? And so typically when somebody is going through our transformation program and they have success , whether they reach their weight loss goals , whether they have more sex drive because of more testosterone levels, whether it's getting off their medications , it's just like they're the batter , right ? They're the cake, they're everything like that . They're rising up to the occasion . We're just that oven that kind of just heats them up. So what we typically tell guys is like, hey, everybody has that little spark inside of them . We just want to help you, show you that it's capable for you to do this , but also ignite that flame using your own spark in your families , in your coworkers , in your communities and your churches . So that way it's a snowball fact . I want to change a million people's lives. I'm not going to be able to do that through just my coaching program because we coach a certain limited amount of people each and every month . So how am I going to do that ? Well, hey, let me teach the people that we coach everything that we know. Let me give away so much free information and free value on the podcast , on YouTube, all this information , because it's going to come back tenfold . And then hopefully in return , I'm just doing my part here to once again leave the world a better place by igniting that sparks and other people . Tyler Tapp 00:16:39 I love that . That's awesome. I don't want to end early or anything on this one because I love this , but I want to ask you this question . This is one of my favorite questions to ask. If this episode and all of your content in the world just got obliterated , right ? And you had like, one thing that you got to tell the world for the rest of your life, what would that be? Coach Joe Callari 00:17:00 Don't give up. That's it. Just don't give up. I think that everybody could be their own coach . Everybody could be their own cheerleader . With most guys that we go over, heartlandics is a mindset and fat loss coaching program . And so with mindset , we do different techniques , right ? Meditation , affirmations , journaling , visualization , like different things that for people that never experience that , they think it's all woo woo, right ? But so we break it down . So simple , right ? Affirmations we're not telling you to stand in the mirror and look at yourself and say, let's say you're overweight and you're on high blood pressure and you're not going to stand yourself and look in the mirror and say, oh, I'm so grateful . I have six pack ABS. I am in physical shape. It's that you're fake it's your make it right , it's not going to feel good . So what we like to do is actually just tell people , like, hey, if your kids got a good let's say they got a good grade at school or your spouse got a promotion at work , what would you typically tell them ? Oh, congratulations . Good job, I love you. Why is it so hard for guys to tell ourselves that ? So what we like to tell our guys is, hey, look yourself in the mirror first thing in the morning and just say, I'm proud of you. Just say, hey, today, you're going to have a great day. Say, I'm in the process of becoming the best version of myself, where you're affirming what's true , but it doesn't have to be all woo woo and all like, weird . It could be just simple little pep talks to yourself , where it's just like you're giving yourself your own little round of applause on the pat on your shoulder , where it's like, hey, it's a boost of motivation . And when you start building up on that , it starts leading to other things where you just start feeling better . So don't give up is the motto for anybody and everybody . Tyler Tapp 00:18:41 I love that . I love that you say that so simply . I know. It's like, what do you call it? The simple phrase that everyone knows . But man, so many times , I think as a guy so women listening , I apologize for this , but as a guy, it is really hard to just like when you look at yourself in the mirror not to think of your negative stuff , right ? It's like, okay, sweet , I got extra roles here. I got this going on here. I screwed up with this client yesterday . I did whatever it was, whatever negative thing you have going in your life and then it's hard to look at yourself and say, hey, I'm proud of you because you did this , this , and this yesterday . Even if it's as dumb as brushing . Coach Joe Callari 00:19:21 Your teeth , this is the reason why Tyler. Right. Gratitude . So, so many people have so much abundance around them , but they don't even realize it because they always want more and more and more, right ? It's like weight loss is the same. Like the number on the scale is the same thing as chasing money. The minute you get it, you're still not happy. You want more, right ? So it's just like, how do you actually feel fulfilled ? How do you actually feel happy ? Well, you start to be grateful for the things that you have. And so, like, money, it's just an amplifier , right ? It's like, hey, you can obviously buy nice things , right , and amplify your life. But gratitude is like that never ending amplifier where when you're grateful for the things that you have, it just multiplies even more. And so how do we start off with instead of pinpointing our flaws , look at the smallest things . What did we do right from yesterday to today ? Right? Like, hey, did we say we were going to go for a 30 minutes walk and did we actually do that ? Awesome. Let's start off small. Let's just look at ourselves and say, hey, I'm proud of you for going for that walk. Or just a small, little smaller, small, little reminder . I do what's called a gratitude walk first thing in the morning where before I even leave, before I even wake up and my feet hit the floor, I just simply mentally I'm in my room, right , and I'm thinking about the things I'm grateful for, right ? So my wife's there , my dog's there , pillows , right ? Like the bed go in the son's room. Mentally thinking about the things I'm grateful for, you get it to a point where you're mentally walking , next thing you know, into the bathroom . How many times is somebody saying they're grateful for toilet paper and a toothbrush and a toothpaste ? But here's the thing . When you're grateful for the little things in life, your life is so much better . Because now you're filling your life with more positivity instead of all the things that you're missing out in life. Tyler Tapp 00:21:13 Yeah, man, we could have a whole other twelve episodes about that's a deep passion point for me. If you're not grateful for those , like, dumb little things that you see in your life, you won't be grateful for the big ones because they all feel the same. Even though the hits higher. Like the dopamine boost is higher on something when it's this big thing . Sweet. I got to do this epic thing today. It wears off, guys . It does . We all know it wears off. But if you can be grateful for that , you're able to turn around and look at all these dumb little things in your life and you become a grateful person so you don't have to be so bogged down in the negative . We all look at negative crap . Everyone does . Coach Joe Callari 00:21:55 It's exactly what we talked about with that , the avalanche , right , the glacier, with the success , they don't see the underneath the surface . So why is it that most lottery winners , after five years of winning the lottery ticket , they go broke ? They don't have that money mindset . They don't know about investments and stocks and how to actually have the proper habits . Same thing with fat loss, right ? A bunch of guys , they want to see the number of skill go down , they cut out the carbs , they don't know it's just losing water weight . And then what happens , right ? They end up regaining all that weight right back because they didn't establish the habits that was sustainable for their lifestyle . So it's just like with gratitude . It's one of those things where you want more of it in your life, where , hey, you want this , you want this , you want this . But first , in order to get that , you have to be grateful for the things you have first . Tyler Tapp 00:22:41 That's awesome. Well guys , I'm going to end it right there because there's so much more we could go into , but I want you guys to end on a high there . So we're going to put all the links to Coach Joe's stuff in the show notes . So anything you guys want to go check out Coach Joe, I recommend it. Just for the short time I've known him, I would hire you. So please guys , please. Coach Joe. I have found coaches are a enormous help in life. I know that , like I said, everyone can be their personal coach , but there's a reason that coaches exist because we all need someone in our life to help us go find Coach Joe. Coach Joe Callari 00:23:17 I appreciate that . Tyler Tapp 00:23:18 Well, guys , all right , that's that's it for today guys , and we'll see you next time . Bye.

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Joe Callari

Mindset & Fat Loss Coach for Dads, CEO, Founder

Coach Joe Callari, the founder and CEO of Heartletics, is passionate about helping busy dads burn body fat and create sustainable habits. Through his own journey, he learned how to provide the support and tools necessary to be successful. He wants to make the world a better place for his son and all other kids, encouraging individuals to break free of their self-limiting beliefs and find a coach to help them reach their goals. Through his program, he helps them identify their why, create a 2.0 version of themselves, and ignite their own spark to make a positive impact in the world. With his motto to change dad bods into father figures, Coach Joe Callari is empowered to do just that.