Season 1

Habits Mindset

Living in Alignment with Goals: How Kathy Davis Helps High Achievers Thrive

March 29, 2023

Kathy Davis, an ambitious leader and meal plan expert, embarks on a journey to eat whole plant food with intention, only to discover the ironic power it holds to help her reach her goals and lead her team with energy and pro…

Guest: Kathy Davis
Podcast Strategies

How to Leverage Your Podcast to Grow Your Brand with Lyndsay Phillips

March 22, 2023

Lyndsay Phillips, an expert podcaster and agency owner, guides listeners through her four-step leverage system to optimize their podcasts, build authority, increase downloads, and make lasting relationships - all while avoid…


The Power of Culture and Branding: Guide to Uniting & Motivating Teams

March 8, 2023

When Yamilca Rodriguez, an artist and fashion enthusiast, discovers the power of individual expression and how to harness it through clothing, she embarks on an ambitious journey to help others unlock their unique identity a…


How To Have Epic Sales Confidence: Celebrate Wins & Face Weaknesses

March 1, 2023

Transform your sales dreams into reality with the help of a solution provider. Michelle Wong is a serial entrepreneur and sales coach who teaches people how to close more sales without working more. She helps her clients to …

Guest: Michelle Wong
Habits Mindset

Creating Sustainable Habits with Coach Joe Callari: How to Master Habitual Lifestyles & Reach Your Goals

Feb. 10, 2023

Start your journey to a healthier lifestyle today by learning the secrets to creating a successful habitual routine! "You can give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or you can teach a man how to fish and feed him for the …

Guest: Joe Callari
Habits Mindset

Neurodiversity in Relationships: Mastering Communication and Understanding

Feb. 3, 2023

In this podcast, Alicia and Sean Ford, a neurodiverse couple married for 17 years, fight for their relationship by uncovering the root of their communication problems, discovering the power of neurodiversity and learning uni…

Tell Your Story

Unlock The Hero Of Your Story With Jim Schubert

Jan. 27, 2023

Experience the power of storytelling and unlock your own hero's journey with Jim! "You will be forgotten to a certain degree unless you learn to share your own stories, because it's the stories that draw people in and help t…

Guest: Jim Schubert