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"Alicia Ford is a wife, mother, and advocate for neurodiversity. She has been married to her husband Sean for 17 years and together they have four neurodiverse sons. Through their own journey of overcoming the challenges of a neurodiverse relationship, they had a breakthrough three years ago and started the Bridging the Gap Program more formally in the last year.

Their mission is to help people who are neurodiverse or in neurodiverse relationships understand their ""Brain Type"" and ""Brain Language"" and give them the specific tools to make new neural connections through technique they refer to as ""neural bridging."" They have a community on Facebook and are in the process of transitioning to Mighty Networks, which offers a unique platform for their program. Their techniques have never been done before. They are passionate about helping others navigate the challenges of neurodiversity in relationships and strive to empower individuals to live the most fulfilling lives possible."

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Neurodiversity in Relationships: Mastering Communication and Understanding

Feb. 3, 2023

In this podcast, Alicia and Sean Ford, a neurodiverse couple married for 17 years, fight for their relationship by uncovering the root of their communication problems, discovering the power of neurodiversity and learning uni…