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Yamilca Rodriguez is best known as a Former brand Leader at the most significant brand-building company globally, the Procter & Gamble Company.
For decades, she has been helping brands, and individuals create unforgettable experiences. She was featured in Forbes Magazine, The Voice-Tribune, The Courier-Journal, Today’s Woman, and Style Blueprint. She is a 3-time #1 bestselling author of Women Who BossUp, Ignite Entrepreneur, and Women Gone Wild. She has worked on billion-dollar brands like SKII, Olay, and Crest 3D White, to name a few. She was a TEDx speaker and has spoken nationally and internationally. She was nominated for Most Admired Women in the beauty category for two years. She has done everything from teaching yoga to teaching MBA students Design Thinking. She loves spending time with her husband and stepson in their Kentucky home.


The Power of Culture and Branding: Guide to Uniting & Motivating Teams

March 8, 2023

When Yamilca Rodriguez, an artist and fashion enthusiast, discovers the power of individual expression and how to harness it through clothing, she embarks on an ambitious journey to help others unlock their unique identity a…