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I really enjoy your show, after listening to a few episodes I was totally hooked, it has great direction, it deals with very instructive and interesting topics. I really love this program!


I love hearing this podcast! Different people,different stories,different genres, you really can't ask for more! I love it!!!!


This is the best podcast! So informative and you can always take away something valuable from each show!

Love it!

Really great interviews and very interesting topics!


A great podcast to unlock your own voice and find the best way to spread your impact

Super Awesome Advice

One quote I remember from an episode was “consistency = trust” it made me want to revamp my entire email marketing strategy! Good stuff, easy to listen to and not too structured.. love it.

The man

Josh is great at what he does, he motivates others all day long, and I can’t thank him enough for having me on the show. Keep that momentum going, bro!

Dedicated & Knowledgeable

Josh set the bar for a deep-dive interview, and we loved it! You can immediately see the passion he has for giving his audience information and advice that can lead to a more fulfilled business and life. We have many of the same beliefs, and it was such a pleasure to get to know him. He’s dedicated and extremely knowledgeable in his space.

Smart and Open

As a host, Josh is bright and informed, with an open mind to new ideas, and his guests have all earned their stripes and excelled in their specialties. Listen and learn!

The Real Deal!

Josh is authentic, kind and truly cares about his audience. Match that with his smarts, wit and knowledge of business / marketing and you have an amazing podcast. Must listen!

A Great Resource for Entrepreneurs

What makes The Lucky Titan a great use of your time as an entrepreneur is the quality of guests and the quality of questions Josh asks. You get to learn some amazing tips from all sorts of experts in a short period of time.

Love this show!

As an entrepreneur and fellow podcaster, I love how this show deep dives into practical tips and knowledge that apply to your business! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you listen to this show!

Love this podcast!

This podcast is golden! So good. If you are looking for guidance and inspo this is your podcast!

Amazing podcast!

Definitely check it out! Engaging entrepreneurial topics with an engaging host who truly walks the talk!

Solid Gold

Click subscribe and Star squeezing goodness out of this awesome podcast.

Great financial and political commentary

Always appreciate hearing The Lucky Titan perspective on markets and current events. Been listening for many years.

Great podcast!!!

Really enjoy this podcast! Great analysis 👍 Wish there were more frequent podcasts. I Look forward to new ones.

Thank you

Thank you The Lucky Titan for telling the public how financial things really are.

Must Listen

One of my favorite podcasts. Josh Tapp is the man.

Enjoy the Podcast

Has a well informed perspective on economic issues

Very good format and podcast

Love the podcast, keep Aaron on the good music it makes it more enjoyable to listen to.


Pretty good ideas. Straight & to the point. I enjoyed it.


Amazing work and great talk. Thank you for sharing your experiences

Awesome ,

Absolutely love this channel!


Interesting And inspiring. Highly recommended.

Thanks !

I always get inspired, I’ve learned so much thanks to the futur you guys are the meca of podcasts for creatives

Great Show

Continue to feel much better

My new fav

These two smart ladies are on point

Quick Punch

Wow! This podcast is a quick punch of energy and value that includes a variety of topics! Episodes are under 30 minutes and Josh asks the best questions to engage the guests and bring the knowledge to the listeners.

A must listen for any entrepreneur or business owner

The insights shared in this program both by the host and guests are vital for any aspiring or existing entrepreneur!