Oct. 27, 2022

103. Improve Your Social Skills and Connect with the Most Influential Business Circles

103. Improve Your Social Skills and Connect with the Most Influential Business Circles

Malcolm Bell is a jack of all trades with a wealth of experience in business, marketing, and real estate. He's also a self-proclaimed socialite and adrenaline junkie, who has made it a point to learn and grow his social skills. A big part of his success has been his ability to connect with people and build relationships. He's here on The Prosperity Perspective to share his insights and expertise on how you can do the same.

Malcolm explains how he began as an awkward conversationalist who relied on the fact that he made a good amount of money to enter new circles. He shares how he recognized the need to build his social skills and improve his enjoyment in life by creating strong relationships. 

He'll describe his system for meeting new people and expanding your social circle, which has also had the added benefits of improved mental and physical health. The key: focus on being authentic and genuine when building relationships with others. This means being yourself and not trying to be someone that you are not and to listen to what they have to say. Join Malcolm and host Liam Leonard in this discussion and create a strong support system that you can rely on.

3 Key Takeaways

  • Start small and connect with the kind of people who know other good people. You don’t have to improve your socialization skills with a big party. 
  • Take yourself less seriously. We’re all chasing something–relax, and find the people you can bless and be blessed by. 
  • It doesn’t matter if you feel like the impostor: focus on AUTHENTICITY and building genuine relationships. 


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Instagram: @drmaxbell


About Malcolm Bell 

“I'm a social circle and networking coach, but what I have achieved with social connection and networking is priceless.”

Malcolm Bell started off his career in marketing with Ford Motor Company and Porsche. He quickly realized that it wasn't “what you know,” but “ who you know” that would determine his success. This led him on a journey to becoming a social expert. He has since developed a system for building relationships and social circles. In this system, he identifies the "Fickle 500" in each city - the culture creators who hold the keys to the most exclusive social activities. He has used this system to build an amazing social circle in Russia in just eight months.