Nov. 8, 2022

106. Vision and Structure are King: Scale YOUR Business Exceptionally with These Systems

106. Vision and Structure are King: Scale YOUR Business Exceptionally with These Systems

Don’t miss this episode with serial entrepreneur and business consultant Alexis Kingsbury, who has over 24 years of experience setting up, building, and exiting businesses. While he is currently the owner of two software businesses and is responsible for a remote -of employees spanning nine countries across five continents, his business journey was akin to most entrepreneurial endeavors: riddled with its fair share of roadblocks. He shares with host Liam Leonard and listeners alike today how he created businesses that help organizations around the world to grow and scale with less stress and free up time for their employees.

Listen in to this episode of The Prosperity Perspective as Alexis expounds on the mistakes he and his partner made while trying to grow their company and how they eventually found success by focusing on process and hiring the right people. Hear his top advice for managing entrepreneurs, including the importance of having a clear vision and strong values for any organization and regular meetings with a standard agenda to ensure messages are communicated effectively.

3 Key Takeaways

  • You MUST have a clear vision and purpose for your business and share that regularly with your team in order to ensure alignment and buy-in.
  • Put structures and processes in place in order to support and scale your business effectively, including performance management and recognition.
  • Have a clear understanding of your core values and use those values to guide day-to-day decision-making in your business.

Scaling Up by Verne Harnish
Profit First by Mike Michalowicz
Destress Your Business Podcast
AirManual, the process and onboarding documentation software
Spidergap, the employee-friendly 360° feedback software

About Alexis Kingsbury

Alexis is an award-winning entrepreneur, with over 10 years of experience, currently running two SaaS businesses (AirManual and Spidergap) with a remote & global team, and supports others as a board member or consultant including well known companies like Sony PlayStation.

In the last few years, Alexis has worked with hundreds of business leaders to help save them thousands of hours of their time each year and unlock their business’ growth. He’s been sharing his findings, and it has had a huge impact on many businesses. For example, Alexis won the ‘Most valued content’ award in 2021 for his workshop at Dan Bradbury’s Success Mastermind (a community of 60+ small business owners), which led to over 30 business owners adopting the tools and processes recommended.

Alexis is a husband and dad of two and is passionate about balancing work alongside family life (and making sure his team does, too!) He also enjoys craft beer, whisky, skiing, skateboarding, dancing, gaming, golf, touch rugby, and squash.