Nov. 15, 2022

108. Grow Your Company from a Dining Room Table to $75 Million in Revenue

108. Grow Your Company from a Dining Room Table to $75 Million in Revenue

Host Liam Leonard sits down with guest Tyler Robertson, CEO and founder of a company that made over $75 million in revenue last year. Tyler started his company from his garage with just $1,000, and today it employs over 230 people. In this episode, Tyler shares his perspective on how he's grown his company and what his strategic framework is for reinvesting profits back into the business. He'll also recall his journey as an entrepreneur and how his goals have changed over time.

Tyler attributes his financial success to a vital mindset and invites entrepreneurs to adopt the same: always look to help people solve problems and the money will follow. He shares what he wished he would have learned much earlier as a shoot-from-the-hip entrepreneur, and it all starts with a question: “What’s the plan?”

Get the most important lessons Tyler learned the hard way about planning and running a company, particularly why you need a clear goal from square one and how letting go of control gets you out of your own way on this episode of The Prosperity Perspective podcast.

3 Key Takeaways

  • It is possible to achieve financial security, independence, and flexibility later in life.
  • It is important to have a clear why in order to make tough decisions about how to allocate resources.
  • Once your business is established, reinvest profits back into the company in order to continue growing.








About Tyler Robertson

Tyler, founder and CEO of Diesel Laptops and the host of The DL Podcast, is an industry game-changer. He quit his job seven years ago and started Diesel Laptops to fix a problem within the diesel diagnostic tools and repair information industry.

Today, he has grown his business to over $50 million/year in revenue with 200 employees and it’s still growing.