Oct. 13, 2022

99. Make More Money and Do Less by Identifying What YOU Want

99. Make More Money and Do Less by Identifying What YOU Want

Financial expert and entrepreneur Bill Bloom is here to share his insights on creating wealth, achieving goals, and managing time. Bill's entrepreneurial journey began when he was out of college and began his own financial advisory company. He has always been good at seeing the value in things, a skill that has come in immensely handy in his business ventures.

Bill is no stranger to the entrepreneurial struggle of keeping balance; he and his wife have two young children and a busy lifestyle. Yet despite all of their commitments, they have found ways to prioritize what is important to them. When cash flow started coming in, Bill decided to invest in his business and in his family's future.

Tune in alongside host Liam Leonard to figure out–really figure out–what’s important to you–and not from the standpoint of others around you. Learn to be mindful of the people in your life and how they fit into your priorities. Are they supportive of your goals and dreams? Break down your goals into achievable pieces, and create the time freedom that you deserve on this episode of The Prosperity Perspective.

3 Key Takeaways

  • Having money is not what makes you feel wealthy. Having consistent cash flow is. Learn to identify how to create the latter in this episode. 
  • Figure out what's important to you first and foremost; how will you free up your time to do what YOU want?
  • Pay careful attention to the people and places that you surround yourself with. Are they helping to achieve your goals, or do you need to change it up?


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About Bill Bloom

Bill is a husband and father. Family first. He is a sailboat racer, classic car driver, author, podcaster, multiple business owner, Strategic Coach 10x member, and a lifetime learner.

Bill has created the Retire As You Desire lifestyle that helps you earn back your freedom so that you can live a purposeful and passion-filled life! He creates customized investment and retirement plans so that you can truly live how you desire.

He specifically helps high level entrepreneurs and grateful people to truly get their money in order.