May 23, 2023

Chase Thornock's Magnificent Life: Autonomic Mastery

Chase Thornock's Magnificent Life: Autonomic Mastery
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While in Salt Lake City, UT, recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Chase Thornock. When I heard part of his story - a journey of self-healing in the face of a deadly autoimmune disease - I was eager to have him on the show. Only when we sat down did I learn that we shared - to very different degrees - the same affliction: Crohn's Disease.

Yes, Chase's story is inspiring, but it goes beyond the remarkable aspects of treatment, it speaks to that moment at which we confront mortality and life's energy in a single instant, making a choice that will lead us down a road we never envisioned.

In Chase's own words:

"I am a husband to an incredible woman and father to 3 wonderful little boys.  A year after my wife and I were married I was the CEO of a venture backed software company and seemingly on top of the world, but I was incredibly sick with an autoimmune disease.  After multiple surgeries, being fed through a line to my heart for months on end and almost dying from sepsis, I was bedridden and the doctors let me know they had no more answers for me.  It was during that time that I began preparing for the worst.  I raised millions of dollars from my bed and built several assisted living buildings to try to provide for my family for when I died.  It was in my darkest time that I had my moment of clarity: Only I could heal myself.  The doctors could not.  Only I could.  I sacrificed greatly and learned how to control and manipulate my mind and my body through my autonomic nervous system.  I learned how to heal myself.  Now I share my mastery techniques through What Magnificence with health care professionals, executives and entrepreneurs all around the world to help them heal and reconnect their minds and their bodies."

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