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Hersh is the bombdotcom. This podcast incorporates everything you would want in a podcast. Fun, real and inspirational. Highly recommend adding Truth Taste Funny to your list.

Hersh is an inspiring guy!

Love what you’re doing Hersh, keep it man! I was fortunate to be on and it was a blast. Thanks for having me on Hersh! You are a great guy and funny too. I was able to give my raw self. Sure it was uncomfortable at times because I’ve never discussed openly anything we talked about but I enjoyed it. I was excited to share my journey and hope to inspire those who are feeling like their dream is so far out of reach because of the adversity of their current situations to know if I can do it they can also. I appreciate you Hersh! If I could ever thank you in person or support anything on your journey I’d consider it a privilege.


Hersh is the man! His ability to bring humor to a dark world is so refreshing and elevating. I love his honesty and diving deep with each guest! Keep it going my friend.

Amazing Show!

This the stories and advice shared on this podcast are life changing. Hersh is a great host!

Tune in

Stop what you are doing and Subscribe right now! This is the dopest podcast on the MF planet.

Great interview!

Hersh was a great interviewer! He asked direct and poignant questions and kept it light and real. I’m honored to have been a guest. Kudos to Hersh for the terrific job of educating the public.

Truth Tastes Funny

Hersh is a very clever person which leads to a sometimes funny but always informative podcast

A glass half full

The truth sometimes isn’t funny but somehow Hersh has a way of making light of tough situations.

Always interesting and fun

Hersh has a lot going with this podcast…not only is he a great interviewer and conversationalist, he also happens to bring on some really interesting and engaging people. As a guest, and a listener, I love listening and talking to Hersh. He’s always been one of the good ones! Such a great medium to hear his personality come shining through and listen to some very interesting stories.

Fun Show

This show is a fun experience. All the guests are diverse and have great stories to tell.

Great interviewer

Hersh interviews with a warm, engaging style, adding sharp, intelligent questions, and a great sense of humor. Highly recommend his show as a listener and a guest.

Fun guests and interesting conversations

Loving it so far. Just discovered the show and finding each guest and interview fascinating and intriguing. Great host. Great guests. Success!

Amazing podcast!

Hersh has an awesome podcast! He covers a wide variety of topics and brings light to how they can affect people's lives in a fun, entertaining way. I appreciate him for how he can draw so much out of each guest on the show. I can tell that he is genuine in his interest. I admire him for his vulnerability and lack of ego. Thank you for putting together an awesome podcast, Hersh!

Great Show!

Hersh was calm, cool and collected as we chatted about the importance of kids and their connectedness to our world. He is helping to bring about awareness of important topics, and for that I am grateful! Side note - he brought up Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka and the Egg-Decatur deeming her a “bad egg,” which “cracked” me up, because that is one of my favorite movies! Keep inspiring, Hersh! Sandy Ciaramitaro The Good Eggs Foundation

Helpful in addition to funny

Hersh knows how to attract great guests and get them to tell how they do what they do and how you can too. I like the psychological stuff.

Truth IS Funnier Than Fiction

In a world bombarded with negativity, it is so refreshing to get to spend time listening to Hersh and his guests, as they discuss the absurdity of a wide array of issues. Thanks for making my traffic-infested commutes not only bearable but eagerly anticipated, Hersh!

Love this

I love the different points of view tied to the theme

Laughter is Inspirational

If we could just laugh at ourselves as we go through life.. This show is so uplifting on another level than just laughter… Where is five stars the host cares and you can hear it in the shows 🙏🎶😇

Hersh Rephun show

There’s no comedy without the elements of truth. A good sense of humor can be a great way to learn with Hersh. Well done!

Hersh the legend

Man this guy is such a stud! If you need a good laugh along with good advice THIS is the show for you!