April 18, 2023

Sabrina Victoria Bears Witness: It is Possible to Human Better

Sabrina Victoria Bears Witness: It is Possible to Human Better
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Just as our parents made choices that affected us, so too do we have the opportunity to set the narrative for those we bring into the world. My guest this week, Sabrina Victoria, was raised as a Jehovah's Witness, with no preparation for life outside of that world. As a single mom, determined to escape a 13-year narcissistic abusive relationship, Sabrina displayed a tenacity and optimistic spirit that has inspired fans worldwide and helped endless amounts of people break through and discover their own untapped talents and immense potential. Here, I sit down with the creator and CEO of Human Better 365, a human transformation company, creator of the Her Version Podcast and founder of Her Nation Community, speaker, entrepreneur and author, Sabrina Victoria. And we have A LOT of laughs through the darkness. Because Truth Tastes Funny.

Chapter Markers:

00:00 - Aliens & Deities

03:12 - From G-d Loving to Boy Crazy

09:00 - Single Motherhood & Kingdom Hall: "Good Job, Sabrina!"

14:00 - Frickin' Chaos & An Escape Plan

19:00 - Showing Up Every Day (and Getting Sh*t On)

22:00 - I Will Survive - and Escape

28:00 - Fading

30:34 - Human Better 365

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Sabrina Victoria - Final Transcript

[00:00:00] Hersh Rephun: The funny thing about conditioning humans is that you really have to take into account the human condition. This is my conversation. With Sabrina Victoria. What if the truth came in a gel cap and we could just pop it in our mouths and forget about it? Well, it doesn't, and we can't. But we can laugh in the face of reality while plotting our survival.

[00:00:26] Hersh Rephun: Welcome to the Truth Tastes funny podcast. I am your host v repo, and if my guests can handle the truth, so can you open wide folks? Here it comes.

[00:00:42] Hersh Rephun: My guest today is Sabrina Victoria. Sabrina is the creator and CEO of Human Better 365. It's a human transformation company. She transforms humans into happier humans, better humans, and she knows from what she speaks [00:01:00] because she's been through a lot, and like we just talked about before the show, we've all been through a lot.

[00:01:05] Hersh Rephun: The operative thing is what do we do with it? How do we handle. And just watching some of Sabrina's posts on social media made my day yesterday, so she's here to no pressure, but to make our day and welcome Sabrina to Truth tastes funny.

[00:01:21] Sabrina Victoria: Thank you for having me. So appreciate it. So funny when you were talking about Transform Humans, you kind of paused for a half a second and I thought you were gonna be funny.

[00:01:31] Sabrina Victoria: My brain immediately went to aliens because for the past two days I've just been submerge. Because of this whole Joe Biden thing with aliens. I've never thought about aliens or talked about aliens or thought nothing, but I'm like, lemme just look up some alien shit. I don't even know. So I've got all of this alien conspiracy theory in my head right now.

[00:01:49] Sabrina Victoria: So right away that's where my brain went.

[00:01:51] Hersh Rephun: It was so funny. So you went right to the extraterrestrial transformations, by the way, how our minds work. That isn't a bad, you know, [00:02:00] thinking ahead maybe a year or so in the future it might, the introduction might go like, You know, Sabrina works with humans. She works with extraterrestrials.

[00:02:09] Hersh Rephun: She now believes what she used to call, quote, what you called in the Vanity Fair Magazine in 2017. That bullshit now becomes, well, it would be nice if Joe Biden were an alien because that would put that whole age thing to. You would say, you know what, I'm actually not 80, I'm actually 8,000 years old.

[00:02:30] Hersh Rephun: There you go. And so by my standards where I come from, I'm kind of a baby. So

[00:02:36] Sabrina Victoria: right around, you know, right around middle

[00:02:38] Hersh Rephun: age. Yeah. And we usually lose the stutter around 4,000 years. Oh my God. That's where the stutter goes away. So we can start this conversation wherever you like. If you wanna start it, you know, at this moment in.

[00:02:53] Hersh Rephun: And share a little about what you do and then backtrack. You can do that. You can start it in 1946, [00:03:00] right after World War ii. I don't know what that would have to do with anything, but it You could if you wanted to. I could. I could. This episode is our version of Star Trek. We can go wherever we want. I love it.

[00:03:10] Hersh Rephun: We can go wherever we want and we can wear costumes too

[00:03:12] Sabrina Victoria: if we want. I do love to tell a little bit about my backstory, just cuz it really puts into context where I am and you know why I view life the way I view. So I was actually raised as a Jehovah's Witness. So I've been in sales my whole life. I like to say I was door knocking and hawking religion at the age of five and everything was pretty good until I became boy crazy right around the age of 16.

[00:03:38] Sabrina Victoria: And then all hell broke loose for myself and my family. Right around 20. I ended up pregnant with no husband, emphasis on the no husband. And because of that I was completely what's called disfellowshiped or disassociated. From my entire family and my entire community and basically [00:04:00] everything that I had ever known, I was basically just kind of thrown out, totally naive to the world, totally, absolutely no adulting skills whatsoever, and led the stereotypical single mom life of broke.

[00:04:15] Sabrina Victoria: I had a running balance of negative $172 in my bank account. At any given time, I had to choose between driving to the grocery store or buying. Because I couldn't do both. And car getting re reported outta the parking lot, eviction notices on my apartment door every of the month. Just total helplessness, total despair, suicidal thoughts dealing with postpartum and just wanting to run away from life.

[00:04:41] Sabrina Victoria: Soon after that, I ended up in a very toxic relationship. Let's just put it lightly. It was 13 years of a nightmare. Basically, I was, uh, shown this bright, shiny object of money, which is the one thing that I was missing in my life. So I thought at that point, [00:05:00] and I was showed. Dream of building an empire and living with somebody and everything being taken care of.

[00:05:09] Sabrina Victoria: And what it wound up being was, you know, get rid of your place. Live with me, get rid of your car. Use my car, get rid of your phone. Use my phone, get rid of your job. Work for me. Mm-hmm. Within a very short amount of time, he basically controlled, not basically, he did control every part of my life. And emotional abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse.

[00:05:30] Sabrina Victoria: Double tripled, quadrupled over the course of time and eight years in, I'm on the floor in the bathroom having a total breakdown. Just like, I don't know if you have ever had this happen to you or any of your listeners, but just like everything in your body, just feeling as if it is coming out through your tears and screams and cries, and I'm on the floor.

[00:05:58] Sabrina Victoria: And [00:06:00] just like a prisoner. Literally like a prisoner. And I took out my phone and I like to say Google saved my life. I Googled, why is my boyfriend bullying me? Because I didn't know any other vernacular other than the word bully. Mm-hmm. And the entire world of abuse just hit me right in the face.

[00:06:17] Sabrina Victoria: Everything except for physical abuse. And I recognized that I had no voice, no power, no. And I was extremely co-dependent, had very high empathetic vibes, had no boundaries, and I dove head first into personal development. I researched everything I could find my hands on. I opened up a secret bank account, a secret storage unit, and over the course of four years, I was able to start three online businesses.

[00:06:46] Sabrina Victoria: Secret. Collect $50,000, which doesn't seem like a lot of money, but to me it was literally like I was a millionaire and escaped.

[00:06:55] Hersh Rephun: Yeah. Wow. Wow. And I knew some [00:07:00] of that from, you know, just background and looking you up and stuff, but Wow, just to hear that is like, I can totally picture it. And while I obviously don't have the same exact life, I know those moments where there just isn't any answer in that moment because this is past, having looked for the answer now, it'ss like, oh my God, what is happening?

[00:07:29] Hersh Rephun: What is going? But you did so, and I know there's more to it, and I know more stuff happens. That is kind of crazy and unbelievable. Have you seen this film with Aubrey Plaza called Emily the criminal? It's a new it's or I mean, she might have made it a, a few years ago now, but it's out now. Uh, and it's, I think it's on HBO Max.

[00:07:52] Hersh Rephun: I'm not sure, but she is just amazing in it, and I'm mentioning it in the context of this conversation because I [00:08:00] think people who are interested in this conversation and who have relate in some way to what you went through and what you know, what your path. We'll get where this is coming from and you should definitely watch it, but you may, you empowered yourself to now, one thing that I'm curious about is what was, you know, the whole concept of family kind of cutting you off.

[00:08:26] Hersh Rephun: You know, I know what that, you know, that, that happens in a lot of communities. You know, sadly, that families will excommunicate their, their children, you know, which. Just crazy to me, you know, with the one thing I've always tried to make my kids understand is that that's not, that isn't possible, isn't possible for me to stop loving them or stop communicating with them or stop caring for them.

[00:08:51] Hersh Rephun: It's just not possible. But that said, it's like, so what was your awareness of the world [00:09:00] like? What was your exposure to the world at large? Clearly it was somehow limited. By your upbringing, right? Yeah. So maybe just backtrack a little bit to that moment where you get cut

[00:09:14] Sabrina Victoria: off. Yeah, totally scary. You know, Jehovah's Witnesses just in general are brought up or raised to be extremely naive.

[00:09:26] Sabrina Victoria: The answer to every single question that you could possibly have within that association or within that religion. Bring it to God and God has all the answers. And that was, I think, was one of the mis biggest missteps with my story that was so heartbreaking for me, was there was a point, you know, when I first left, my son's father was in the picture, so he actually came and got me from my parents' house.

[00:09:52] Sabrina Victoria: My parents were like, get out of the house, you're. A disgrace and a whole bunch of other things that they said that I will not say repeat. My [00:10:00] son's father came and got me, whisked me away in a car. We drove across state borders and we ended up in a place, and we started going to the Jehovah's Witnesses to what they call the Kingdom Hall.

[00:10:15] Sabrina Victoria: And within a very short amount of time, maybe two or three months, they sit down and they have. The elders or the governing body or the, the people that run the place basically sit down with people who are sinners or who have been disfellowshiped and they say like, Hey, you're doing a good job, or, Hey, you need to work on this, or, Hey, we're noticing this, or we're noticing that.

[00:10:33] Sabrina Victoria: So they sat down with me and they're like, Hey, Sabrina. Good job. Good job with. Highlighting all of your material and showing up at every meeting, even though you have no money for gas, spending a ton of money coming back and forth to church, so you can't buy food for your child or for yourself, but good job on that.

[00:10:52] Sabrina Victoria: However, one thing, we can't have you plain house with your son's father. You need to [00:11:00] either marry your son's father or. Break up with your son's father. You can't be doing this whole back and forth thing. So me just so desperate for my family back, my community back, my relationship back with God, and just feeling like such a horrible, gross sinner thought that me praying, right?

[00:11:23] Sabrina Victoria: Praying every single night on what should I do? What should I do? What should I do? Being told by God that I needed to break up with my son's father and being totally out of my mind naive in like, hello, money. He and broke up with him and he left the situation. It took about a week or two for him to finally leave because he just thought I was insane and we were both broke.

[00:11:48] Sabrina Victoria: I mean, we were both broke. So how is he supposed to like help me financially and then also live his life separately? What I was expecting from God, [00:12:00] Everything silly. It was so silly. So he left and he just skipped town and never paid me a dime. Literally never paid me a dime. And I'm sitting in my apartment with a baby working minimum wage job, trying to do all of the things on the floor, praying to God, cuz that's the only answer is God.

[00:12:18] Sabrina Victoria: There's no other resources, nothing else that could possibly be done, just God. And God never came. He never came. He never. It's so disheartening. Yeah. And so naive.

[00:12:32] Hersh Rephun: Yeah. Yeah. And it's also hard to, you know, the, the whole, the whole, a lot of, you know, religions have this built into it for some reason, and I draw a very distinct line between my perception of God and religion.

[00:12:51] Hersh Rephun: A religion, because even. You believe all of the theology about the history of the, [00:13:00] you know, a faith that doesn't account for what humans do with it. Mm-hmm. Yep. So anything that comes out of a human's mouth isn't really the word of God. You know, somebody's interpretation and they're doing it. They're, they're spinning it.

[00:13:15] Hersh Rephun: I've been in pr, I know what spin is. And so I know what a, what spinning is. I know what a bullshit artist is and I know what a snake oil salesman is. I know what all those things are. Yeah. So those are human things. Yep. That's not a what a God does. Yep. And so the idea that, you know, God has all the answers is what somebody is telling us, not what God is showing us.

[00:13:40] Hersh Rephun: Yeah. And God does a good job, in my view of showing us stuff. Yeah. If God wants to show us stuff, we'll see it. Yeah. You know, so there you are left feeling like, you know, you're waiting for this help. Yeah. So now you're the, your child's husband [00:14:00] and father's out of the picture. Yep. Then what happened to the

[00:14:05] Sabrina Victoria: next fricking just chaos.

[00:14:09] Sabrina Victoria: For, yeah. Months, if not years, within probably a year and a half or so. So my son's father left probably around three months when my son was three months old. And then within a year and a half or so, I met this man a night on a shiny, you know, uh, night on a, on a horse who I thought was given to me by God.

[00:14:27] Sabrina Victoria: Yeah. Yeah. Like I actually was like finally my prayers and it wound up being the devil. Mm-hmm. Like for real, Absolut. Nightmare. An absolute

[00:14:39] Hersh Rephun: nightmare. So now we can jump back to, you know, you plan your escape and you do escape and, and what does that look like? You had saved $50,000. You had a storage unit, right?

[00:14:56] Hersh Rephun: Yeah. And your son. Yeah. Right? Yeah. So, and how old was [00:15:00] your son at this point? He's a teenager. He's

[00:15:03] Sabrina Victoria: 11. At, at that time, somewhere around there, preteen. Okay. Okay. Yeah. My idea was I had to get him out before like teens because I knew that would be horrible atmosphere for my son to be in. Yeah.

[00:15:21] Hersh Rephun: Right. Yeah.

[00:15:22] Hersh Rephun: Okay. And so you have the means now to and where, whereabouts is this? Like where is this in the,

[00:15:30] Sabrina Victoria: where are we living? We're in Florida, south Florida. Of

[00:15:33] Hersh Rephun: course. Yeah, that's where I grew up, Florida. But Florida as you know, is like a, Florida is a of many, many different nations. In one, yeah. In one place. And it could be it, it can be any number of scenarios.

[00:15:47] Hersh Rephun: Yeah. They don't have a lot of change in the topography there, but there's just a lot of weird things that can happen in Florida. 100%. Um, yeah. So, okay. So what was your move at that? [00:16:00]

[00:16:00] Sabrina Victoria: Well, my money story, and I love to kind of give a little bit of a hint to the money story because, or a little bit of a backstory to it, because so many individuals who are in a situation like this, it's very scary.

[00:16:13] Sabrina Victoria: It's very fearful, especially if you're leaving on your own. You know, baby daddy is not in the picture. This is all I'm hanging onto my relationship with my parents is all Ray. And you're feeling very alone. You're feeling super isolated. So when I first started on this journey of collecting money, uh, I did, you know, anything and everything of my first thing was like a little eBay account.

[00:16:35] Sabrina Victoria: I just started selling stuff on eBay, my son's toys and clothes and stuff like that, and started collecting money. But, and then it kind of expanded from there. But the part that I like to talk about, It didn't. Just like one day I opened up a secret bank account and then just like four years later, 50 grand.

[00:16:52] Sabrina Victoria: Yay. It didn't go like that. Yeah. So when I hit the 6,000 mark I got, I started to get a little bit of an ego [00:17:00] and I was like, holy crap. Like, look at me. I'm like doing stuff. I'm making stuff happen. I couldn't believe because I was been told every single. From 0.1 to point from A to B that I was dumb and stupid in no college education and I would never make it.

[00:17:14] Sabrina Victoria: And how dare. You're not a good mother, no business sense, no college degree. You're never gonna make any money. I am your savior. Like this is what I've been told. So I just think that I'm like useless basically. Yeah. So one day I opened up my little secret bank account. I have six grand in it. My fiance at the time, we wound up getting engaged, comes up the stairs and he.

[00:17:38] Sabrina Victoria: I left my bank account open on my computer for like one second Too long. Yeah. And he saw the money and he literally flipped, flipped the fuck out. And my little $200 a week allowance that he would give me for groceries, gas, whatever he's to, he stopped paying me that weekly amount, right? So that $6,000 got washed out immediately [00:18:00] while I'm still working.

[00:18:01] Sabrina Victoria: Didn't pay me anything. Nothing at all. For all the work I was doing. I was working 14, 15 hours a day at his company, doing a whole bunch of shit For him. Yeah, for free. I was living, obviously, he was paying my rent, so I shouldn't say for free, but you understand? Yeah. Then he started paying me again. Six months later, I'm still working my business.

[00:18:20] Sabrina Victoria: I hit. $13,000. About a year and a half later, I call up my son's father and I'm like, Hey, listen, I'm leaving. I'm out. I just wanted let you know. I'm super scared. I don't know what to expect. He's like, yeah, sure. I got your back. No problem. I'll watch my your, you know our son whenever you need me to, I'm there for you.

[00:18:40] Sabrina Victoria: Yes, I will help. So I'm like, cool. My son's father calls me. About three weeks later or something right before school starts and he's like, Hey, I would love to take our son on a camping trip. And I was like, cool. That'd be great. A hundred percent. I'm looking for apartments right now. I've got like a ton of stuff going on.

[00:18:59] Sabrina Victoria: That [00:19:00] would be fantastic if you took him on a camping trip. Long story short, he never returned him from the camping trip. He freaking stole. Yeah, he just took 'em. So I had to get a lawyer involved. We had emergency corridors. He was fighting for full custody. Didn't tell me where he was living, like moved in with his girlfriend.

[00:19:17] Sabrina Victoria: All this stuff all behind my back. And that $13,000 that I had saved went to zero with $18,000 in court feet. Oh wow. Okay. Yeah, so then I had to like, I'm sitting in my car two and a half years into planning my escape from this crazy individual that I'm living with, and I'm like, the universe hates me.

[00:19:39] Sabrina Victoria: God hates me. Like what is going on? I'm doing all the things. I'm showing up. I'm being positive. I have an optimistic attitude. I'm being a great mother. I'm being healthy. I'm working my ass off. I'm doing all of the things that, all of the books Tony Robbins tells me to show up at a hundred percent all the time and all the things.

[00:19:58] Sabrina Victoria: I am literally doing [00:20:00] all of the things and I keep getting shit on. Yeah, so there's a point where I'm like, I guess this is my life. This is it. I just have to put my hands up and I have to just say, you know what? This is my life. A lot of women live with abuse and abusive relationships. He's not hitting me, right?

[00:20:18] Sabrina Victoria: Mm-hmm. He's not like punching me in the face or anything. It's just like, it's just mental and emotional. Yeah, and verbal and sexual abuse all the time, every day. But like stuff that I could just zone out. I can zone out during sex. I can like leave my body during sex, you know? It's. So I had to have this hard conversation with myself in the car, I have this document for child support or child custody that's like 18 pages long that cost me 18 grand, a thousand dollars per page, and I'm banging on my car.

[00:20:49] Sabrina Victoria: I'm crying my eyes out. I have no money again, and I had to make a decision. Am I going to do this again? [00:21:00] Lead this double life, continue to work my ass off three hours of sleep cuz I'm working like three different jobs at this point. Or am I just gonna like fall into my life, just like give everything up and just this is my life and be done with it.

[00:21:15] Sabrina Victoria: Watch Ricky Lake, reruns of Ricky Lake for the rest of the, yeah. I made a decision that I would continue to work and continue to. To leave this relationship until the day I died, because I never, ever, ever wanted there to be a what if. Mm-hmm. I never wanted to think back to myself 20 years later when I'm 50 years old, thinking to myself, The nightmare that I am living in.

[00:21:47] Sabrina Victoria: I think to myself, what if I would've done it one more time? What if I would've done it two more times? What if I just would've kept going? What if I just would've contacted my best friend or my mom or another church, a Catholic church who helped people [00:22:00] like I have to do it again? And I did. So at that point, I was getting child.

[00:22:06] Sabrina Victoria: And plus my weekly play, plus my three businesses were rolling. I became an expert in all of the areas and within one year I was able to collect $31,000. Yeah. And with that $31,000 is how I wound up leaving that situation. And I think that it's so important to know that backend of that story, because people fail one time and they're like, Or two times and they're like, oh, and this is with everything.

[00:22:34] Sabrina Victoria: This isn't just with relationships or abusive rela, this is with all the things that we have going on with our life. Weight loss, smoking, drugs, alcohol, you know, divorce, never falling in love again. Business opportunities where we try once or twice

[00:22:49] Hersh Rephun: and then that's it. Yeah. Well, you're a big proponent of, uh, you know, what's the big deal?

[00:22:57] Hersh Rephun: You know, what if it happens? What if you. [00:23:00] You know nothing. What are, yeah, what, what's gonna happen? Now that doesn't mean there aren't stakes, it just means that it's almost like we're in fear of fear. We're like, we're so scared. We're paralyzed by the what if of fear that we make. The, the fear become much.

[00:23:22] Hersh Rephun: I remember when, when I was a little kid and my parents didn't really spank me, but my. Would threaten me or scare me into like, I would think he was gonna spank me and his voice was so booming and he was ch like walking through the house to get me that, the fear of whatever was gonna happen, just scared the shit out of me so that I would be sorry for what I did without ever ha having a, a, a.

[00:23:56] Hersh Rephun: You know, and so, and it's of course it's a [00:24:00] game. Like in a way if you just said, oh well what are you gonna do here I am, you know, but I wasn't that kid. I was like, oh my God. Cuz my imagination would take care of the, of the rest. Yeah. And so we are so afraid of, of, you know, what if we fail? But, um, but you have to, you're right, you have to fail.

[00:24:19] Hersh Rephun: If you didn't have that one, if you didn't have these mistakes that you went through and these incidents that. You wouldn't have learned anything, you know, from them. So if you would've gotten a luckier break, let's say you might have lost bigger in another, in another circumstance, what was going on? So at the end of this legal tra, did you get custody of your son?

[00:24:45] Hersh Rephun: What? How did

[00:24:46] Sabrina Victoria: that, everything stayed the same. He just then had to pay child. Yeah. So, you know, he had 'em every, my son's now 19 years old. Yeah. But you know, he had 'em every other weekend and had to then pay, he hadn't paid any child support up to that point, so [00:25:00] he actually kind of screwed himself. Yeah.

[00:25:01] Sabrina Victoria: Um, but yeah. And, and that was like, you know, when I moved into my new place, it was a mattress on the floor. I literally left with my son, our clothes and my bicycle. That's it. We had a booming business. We were bringing in millions. We had five houses paid in full, 12 cars, paid in full of zero debt. Like I helped him build that business and I left with nothing except for my bicycle, basically.

[00:25:30] Sabrina Victoria: And must have been a

[00:25:32] Hersh Rephun: nice bicycle. It was, it

[00:25:34] Sabrina Victoria: wasn't there. I still have it. Yes. Yeah, it was a, a very nice bicycle. A hundred percent. But yeah, I mean, it was, The best feeling ever to step into mine. To step into my power, my money, my confidence, my voice, and finally have ownership over my future.

[00:25:58] Hersh Rephun: Yeah. And what did you want to [00:26:00] do at that point?

[00:26:01] Hersh Rephun: What was, you're obviously, you're always kind of on the edge of survival, so the goal is often survival, but were you thinking bigger than Surviv?

[00:26:11] Sabrina Victoria: Yeah. I mean, still am if you ask me now. Yeah. Yeah. That's all I do. I'm a huge visionary. The only reason, and I hate saying this actually, I don't hate saying this, I love saying this, but you know, when I met my ex abuser, he was working out of his little tiny townhouse in the loft part, didn't have an office by the time I, and he was 35 years old by the time I left him, 15 years later.

[00:26:41] Sabrina Victoria: We were running six different offices in four different states and had the world at our fingertips as far as money goes. And that was my vision. So my, I'm like, I'm always bigger and bigger and bigger. Just where are you now? How can we [00:27:00] take a step up and where can, and I think that that's just in me. I think just naturally, I'm just naturally a visionary.

[00:27:06] Sabrina Victoria: So yeah, when I. Dude. I mean, I've never worked for anybody else. I've, I've worked for myself ever since. I'm always evolving, always creating, always bigger, more brilliant, brighter, who else? Networking, collaborating. It's just built in me.

[00:27:24] Hersh Rephun: Well, that's a fascinating thing because what it shows us is that your family didn't give themselves the opportunity to see.

[00:27:36] Hersh Rephun: Mm. To see who you were. Mm-hmm. You know, they didn't, there was not of any interest to them to discover that. Did you ever reconnect with them? Yeah.

[00:27:47] Sabrina Victoria: Yeah. I got, I wound up getting reinstated when I was, it's all may believe so, like, oh, thank

[00:27:53] Hersh Rephun: God. I was gonna say, oh, thank God you've been reinstated. I'm, it's,

[00:27:57] Sabrina Victoria: it's, yeah, but reinstated, [00:28:00] well, my son was maybe, Yeah, somewhere around there.

[00:28:03] Sabrina Victoria: So yeah, everything went back to normal as if nothing had ever happened. There's never been an apology, never a conversation. It just is what it is. And then Jehovah's witnesses have what's called fading. So you start going, you do all the things, and then you slowly just kind of fade out. And I had moved so many times that my cars fade out of fade.

[00:28:24] Sabrina Victoria: Out of what? The religion. So you just kind of. You know, you go, but then you don't go, and then you go and then you come. And

[00:28:31] Hersh Rephun: that's an actual process that they

[00:28:32] Sabrina Victoria: have. Yeah, it's called fading. Fading. Well, they don't, that's not them. That's the people who are already out. That's like's not their choice. Yeah, that's our, like the people, the ex Jehovah's Witnesses have their own verbiage for that, and that's called fading.

[00:28:45] Sabrina Victoria: And then there's also called PMO and, and Pomo, which is physically in, mentally out. So some people are still in, physically in, but they're actually mentally out. They're just going because they don't wanna be excommunicated. Right. And then there's Pomo, which is [00:29:00] what I am, which is physically out and mentally out.

[00:29:02] Sabrina Victoria: So I'm like a hundred percent not interested.

[00:29:09] Hersh Rephun: Wow. Yeah, but see, this is what I'm talking about when I talk about the, the organizational aspect of a religion when it becomes a system Yep. That is manned, and I don't even use that word incidentally, you know, that is manned by people. Then, you know, it's like we hear about Scientology, but they, but all religions have it.

[00:29:33] Hersh Rephun: Yeah. It's any religion that involves people has, is. It has this problem, you know, and I'm not a theologist, but I did grow up in, you know, the Jewish faith, and I was very, you know, I was very well educated in that thing. I went to Yeshiva all through my upbringing and, you know, and through college I'm, I, you know, I'm surprised I'm not smarter, but I definitely, you know, learned a lot of [00:30:00] stuff and I, and you know, I see both sides of a lot of different things.

[00:30:04] Hersh Rephun: I really try. Because if we only see our side, you know, we're only seeing half of what's out there. But in this case, for example, you had to see what the other half was. Yeah. In order to survive and to thrive. Yes. What are the business? So, but now the, the business or a business is helping people mm-hmm.

[00:30:27] Hersh Rephun: Who are going through an inability to, to, to realize their potential. How would you.

[00:30:34] Sabrina Victoria: So the company, human Better, 365 I. The foundation of it is time management and organization. I believe that all the issues with humans always boils down to a lack of managing time, a lack of, or procrastination, a lack of organization, really anything that you could think of, even just like divorce or relationships or if you really boil it down, it's just not taking the time to do [00:31:00] the thing.

[00:31:00] Sabrina Victoria: Yeah, to fix the thing. I mean, it all boils down to just where are you focusing? Where's your attention? Where's the time to fix the thing? So yes, helping 100%. And then it all goes back to power, confidence, voice stages, sales, and really helping people re. You know, their power, their power in themselves, their power in their companies, their power in their businesses, in their careers, and allowing people to step into who they are as a person.

[00:31:33] Sabrina Victoria: Set boundaries, create a power around them, have the money that's necessary and sell themselves, you know, sell themselves as a human. I think that there's not enough emphasis on. You know, like we're freaking humans. I mean, what the hell? Like out of all the things that you could possibly have come into this world to be, you are a human.

[00:31:54] Sabrina Victoria: And I just don't think there's enough emphasis on like how to human, you know, we're taught all the things. We're [00:32:00] taught math and spelling and science, and if you don't use the right. Apostrophe with the right thing. You're like shamed. It's like, dude, do you know how to be a human? This is where every should be.

[00:32:09] Sabrina Victoria: Like, do you know how to communicate? Do you know how to be in a relationship? Do you know what a toxic relationship looks like? Do you know how to do your finances? Do you know mindset? I mean, there's so many different arenas on just how to be me that should take precedent over, you know,

[00:32:30] Hersh Rephun: Whatever else. I mean, if penguins can learn how to warm and protect an egg over the gestation period, then why can't humans figure out how to, you know, u use a coffee maker?

[00:32:41] Hersh Rephun: Yeah. It's like we could, we could figure out, we, you're right, we're blessed to be a come in as people, we may not be, uh, people next time when we come back next time around, we might be, you know, there's, there's a line, there's a, there's a song called Highway. That is by the group, the Highway Men, which [00:33:00] was a super group with Johnny Cash and Chris Christofferson and Whale and Jennings and Willie Nelson.

[00:33:04] Hersh Rephun: Why? I know that there's that much room left in there, and this is what my brain decided to keep in there. But there's a song about that and it's, it's that they kind of live through time in these various lives. And Johnny Cash's line is something like, um, I may come back as this. I may come back of that, he says, or I may come back as a single drop of.

[00:33:27] Hersh Rephun: I will still remain. And it's just like, gives me a little bit of chills. Yes. Because the idea of what can be contained in a single drop of rain is very powerful. Yeah. And it's wow. And it's like, so you're right. This potential is so amazing. We have all this potential to do things and to see things, you know?

[00:33:48] Hersh Rephun: And then there are a lot of people out there who can coach and I don't know if. I, what do you think separates [00:34:00] what makes the right relationship between you and a client, let's say, or, oh, the you and the kind of person you can guide

[00:34:09] Sabrina Victoria: the willingness to take coaching. I mean, the biggest issue that any coach has is linking up with an individual who's not open to doing things differently than the way that they've been.

[00:34:22] Sabrina Victoria: Yeah. I mean, it's so uncomfortable for people. I can't even tell you how many times I've, I have done initial interviews with people and I literally have to be like super uncomfortable, but like I. Probably can't do anything for you because they're not willing to take any suggestions. Everything has already did that.

[00:34:41] Sabrina Victoria: Already tried that already. No, absolutely not. I don't feel comfortable. It's like, dude, if you're not willing to do one thing different than what you were doing before, I mean, there's absolutely no way that you can move forward. You know, when I was leaving or any situation that I've ever [00:35:00] been in, any challenge I've ever been.

[00:35:01] Sabrina Victoria: It always goes from, I can't, absolutely impossible to, how can I, I mean, there has to be a question of how can I do it right? Because if it's always like, I can't, impossible, there's no way, and you never even take a moment to think. Well, what if or how could I, or if I could, right, what would it look like?

[00:35:24] Sabrina Victoria: Or if there was an answer, what would the answer prompt me be like, yeah, then there's absolutely no hope for you. You know, like I could have been in my situation when I was in my situation real life. He would check my receipts for times and dates to make sure that I said that I was where I said I. Like, I would have to come home with receipts and he would check the times, not the days, the times to make sure that they lined up.

[00:35:52] Sabrina Victoria: He would check phone records, he would check computer history. He, so when you wanna talk about being in a prison and absolutely no way [00:36:00] out, I could have very easily have been like, there's no way. Yeah. Like there's nothing possible that he had cameras in and out of work and his home. So like how do you possibly.

[00:36:12] Sabrina Victoria: That is a prison. That is impossible. Yeah. But I had to sit in a mindset of, okay, where do I have some time? Where do I have a section of maneuvering or availability? To me that's mine And I had to like figure that out in order to get to where I am. But very easily I could have said

[00:36:35] Hersh Rephun: impossible. Impossible.

[00:36:37] Hersh Rephun: And if you pay attention to stories of survival and stories, Escape from any number of situations. It always comes down to that, that thing where you decide you're gonna take a moment and think, and not panic, you know, thinking and not panicking, you know, and someone who constantly shoots down your ideas.

[00:36:59] Hersh Rephun: [00:37:00] You would, you might say to that client, you would say, okay, at this point the only thing we can do is open a company that called excuses. And you can run that company. No, that's not possible. It's not possible. Okay, so since this is our last session, you get your deposit back and that's the good news. I didn't give you a deposit.

[00:37:24] Hersh Rephun: Oh, well that's the bad news. Oh right. You couldn't give me a deposit. I remember that. I remember that now. And what did I say? What did I say? You said we'll find a way. And did we find a way? No. Cause I'm cuz. Cuz you're firing me as a glide. No. Yeah. I think that the ability though, to laugh, like I said in the beginning of the interview, is like, for me, that has to be.

[00:37:50] Hersh Rephun: Yeah. In order to get through anything, like I've had those difficult conversations with people who didn't find humor. It doesn't even matter if I'm on the, you know, [00:38:00] shitty end of the stick, you know, it doesn't matter. Yeah. If the person has a sense of humor, not obviously being a wi like an evil sense of humor, you know, has the humanity to have a sense of humor, then that makes everything go so much easier.

[00:38:17] Hersh Rephun: 100 And so looking ahead now, Um, what are some of your, uh, ideas? What are some, what are some of your, uh, things that you have in motion? Are

[00:38:27] Sabrina Victoria: we going big here? Are we able to be a visionary in this conversation?

[00:38:32] Hersh Rephun: Yes, of course. Of course we

[00:38:34] Sabrina Victoria: can. So my 12 year plan, which you know, is gonna go real fast. Yeah,

[00:38:42] Hersh Rephun: well, it's gonna go, it's gonna take 12 years.

[00:38:45] Hersh Rephun: If it's a 12 year plan. Yeah. It doesn't have to take 12. But

[00:38:49] Sabrina Victoria: yeah. Okay. So I want to, so this human Better 365 concept that I have. I've interviewed over 400 women up to this point, [00:39:00] coaches, mentors, teachers, and. Quite a few men, but way more women. And my idea is to, my vision is to bring these women in virtually and or physically and actually create a human better school.

[00:39:17] Sabrina Victoria: So HB 365, I want to buy middle school. So old used middle schools that are for sale. Purchase them, blow them out, revamp them into huge workshops, event centers, and huge auditoriums where we can have speakers. I want to make like a TEDx combined with Mind Valley. Where you can do it virtually or you can do it physically and you can actually come to a location, like a church-like atmosphere and you can see a speaker and you can learn something new.

[00:39:49] Sabrina Victoria: That's not attached to any sort of biblical terms, but just like on how to be a better human on how to just do it better than the way that you've been doing it before. Bring in speakers and coaches [00:40:00] that have niches where that they are professional in or that they. Educated in, and then allow them to have a stage and then allow them to have a place where they can host a workshop or host an actual event for a weekend or a week or a month, or whatever it is, where people can then pay and they can attend these arenas or these areas of which that they are failing in, whether it's their health or whether it's their relationships or their family or their friends, or whatever it is to help them level.

[00:40:29] Sabrina Victoria: To help them level up as a human. So it's on, it's on track. You know, I'm gaining the people. I am doing the virtual right now, and in hopes of soon attaining enough financial backing to attain actual physical locations. To bring people together in community. That was the one thing that I was missing was community.

[00:40:52] Sabrina Victoria: And that's really the catalyst to everything that I'm doing, is when I needed people, when I needed [00:41:00] community the most. Everyone left. And I just think that that's total bullshit. You know, when you decide as a human to do something a little bit differently than the way that the people around you are deciding to do it, it doesn't mean that you should have to lose your entire community.

[00:41:17] Sabrina Victoria: You should be allowed a place to be despite, you know, the inner workings of what your belief system is on God. Atheist, agnostic, anything at all, alien. You should still have the opportunity to be around humans and learn how to do this thing better than the way that you're doing it.

[00:41:42] Hersh Rephun: Yeah. Previously.

[00:41:43] Hersh Rephun: That's huge. That's beautiful. And the, and the fact is that, well see, I think God would love that. Right? Yes. Thank you. Because that is, that encompasses all of these good things we're supposed to be doing for one another. Yep. [00:42:00] I. You know, standing on a street corner, judging somebody down the block, you know, and blocking their way, walking away and turning our back on them because they didn't do what we wanted.

[00:42:09] Hersh Rephun: This, this idea of what community really is supposed to be, and, and people do thankfully in a lot of cases, find their people or their communities, but this idea is wonderful, which is that there's a way to, there's a way to human. We can human better, cuz it, it, it, it takes some of the pressure off of specific issues.

[00:42:33] Hersh Rephun: You know, we have all these issues. We face climate and all, everything else. But you know, just the idea of we're human. We're given this gift, we're given all of these skills, let's learn how to use them better. Yep. Unless you're convinced that you're using them the best way you can, which some people are, but a lot of us are not.

[00:42:56] Hersh Rephun: You know? Yeah. Well that's great. And is there anything you'd [00:43:00] like to, I'll let you have the last word. If you wanna leave our audience with any kind of, uh, you know, we like to go positronic here. As you can tell, we like to give people some kind of little thought at the end of the show that they can build on.

[00:43:14] Hersh Rephun: You've given them a lot to think about already. But anything floor is yours, Sabrina, anything you want to share?

[00:43:20] Sabrina Victoria: So the mantra that I have had with me since I was probably 26 ish, 27 ish, is everything's gonna be okay. There was times in my life minus the relationship, minus the single mom minus the broke.

[00:43:40] Sabrina Victoria: We are all, we're all dealing with stuff, right? Like even if you don't relate to my exact story, there's stuff that people are dealing with. And we can get caught up in this mindset of worry and in this mindset of PEs pessimistic, being pessimistic and not feeling like we have anywhere to turn, and feeling hopeless and [00:44:00] helpless.

[00:44:00] Sabrina Victoria: And just taking a moment, just taking a moment of silence and reassuring yourself, reassuring your inner child. That everything is gonna be okay, that you have been through stuff, that you can do more stuff, and in the end you'll be here. In the end, everything will work out. It'll take you on a different path.

[00:44:26] Sabrina Victoria: It might pivot you. However, in the end, you can turn around and you can smile. And you can recognize that everything's gonna be okay. And I think that if we do that enough, if we reassure each other ourselves enough that like I've done hard things before, I can do hard things again. Everything is gonna be okay, and we can continue to repeat this mantra in our heads.

[00:44:49] Sabrina Victoria: I think that life gets. A little lighter.

[00:44:52] Hersh Rephun: Thanks so much for tuning into Truth. Tastes funny. If you enjoyed the experience. Please leave a five star review and share this podcast with [00:45:00] your friends.