May 16, 2023

The Pursuit of Authentic Happiness, with Clinical Sexologist Hannah Spanke

The Pursuit of Authentic Happiness, with Clinical Sexologist Hannah Spanke
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If healthy relationships grew on trees, each of us would pick at least on one.

Since no such tree exists, we can be thankful for Hannah Spanke, who spent nearly a decade in the adult entertainment industry before becoming a Licensed Authentic Tantra Practitioner, a Board Certified Clinical Sexologist, and a Relationship & Life Coach specializing in helping individuals become their happiest selves through inner & outer work, while learning to understand and relate to their partners & family in the best ways possible.

Hannah is a passionate advocate for authentic happiness, and sustainable healthy relationships, starting with the one we have with ourselves. All of her work is done from a trauma-informed approach, and she incorporates astrology, human design, Tibetan Buddhist Tantra, along with other spiritual teachings to ensure the most holistic approach to creating a happy life for herself and her clients. Hannah is not afraid to speak her mind and shares openly about her unorthodox past, as a way to empower others to live a life authentic to THEM.

Find Hannah:

Instagram & TikTok: @hannahspanke

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