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Incredibly Inspiring and Real

We had the pleasure of having Aaron as a guest on our podcast, but hearing him sharing stories with such authentic men, as well as sharing his own wisdom alongside “Wally” provides even more inspiration and gut-check advice for men and women alike. The episode with Ryan was such a tough and powerful interview. No matter where you are in your walk with God, leading a family or a business, you need voices like “Big A” to help you stay on course!

They Know Their Stuff

Big A and Wally have a lot of life experience under their belt, it’s inspiring to hear stories about business and life and they have fun, too. I appreciate the vulnerability they show and encourage their guests to show, too. Everyone has low points, even at the top. Their message about getting to the top with the right guidance is helpful–these guys know their stuff.

Great Podcast!

Big A and Kevin do a great job pulling out nuggets of wisdom from the entrepreneurs they interview. Both men also bring decades of business experience to the conversations as well. Highly recommend!

Great Content!

Love this podcast and the questions Aaron and Kevin ask! It’s like a personal look into the mind of some great people!

From Success to Significance

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Aaron for over seven years. He has a huge heart to help men find purpose in their lives. The podcast is a great way to gain insights into the experiences of other men. Worth the time to add to your weekly listening

Solid Gold

I have known Aaron for years now. He is a man full of integrity, wisdom and success in the most important areas of life - his walk with Jesus, his marriage to his bride, his relationship with his children, and his ability to create massive success in business. Any chance to be around and learn from Aaron either in person or virtually via this podcast, I’m on it! Thank you Aaron and Wally for freely adding value to so many of our lives. To the Top! -Allan Blain

A Life-Giving Source for the Faith-Based Businessman

I started following Big A back in 2019 on his previous Alexa podcast, and he appeared on my old show twice. He’s a great storyteller and projects tremendous warmth and empathy for anyone longing for a principled, significant life. If you want to learn the way of leading in life and business with integrity and character, this podcast is essential for your tool kit.