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This is my go to podcast to find alighnet and focus when I am ready for the next step in business

Great Content

Great content! Opened my eyes to some some personal changes I need to make. Thank you!

Katie is a Rockstar!

Episode 5. Love the self reflection questions. I am trying to step into a better me. One declaration I’ve made is to one day have you as a personal mentor! Thanks for sharing your goodness and empowering others to get uncomfortable and become better!

Inspiring example of building an aligned biz

So glad my friend Stephanie recommended this podcast to me! I love how Katie authenticity shares her wins, her struggles, and the lessons she has learned along the way. If you’re looking for proof that it’s possible to build a profitable business without sacrificing your priorities, then this is definitely a podcast you’ll want to binge listen to!

Awesome incredible fuel for thinking!

I just finished listening to episode three. And so far, I love her podcast and I love her story. There are so many inspiring points in her journey and applicable take aways she gives!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Fuel for Entrepreneurs

I love what you are doing, Katie. Looking at entrepreneurship from the inside out. Your work and your message gets to the core of what is most challenging about stepping into big shoes and making a business work. I am so grateful for you!

More Katie!!!

I just binge listened to the first 6 episodes. I want MORE. Like seriously, Katie—I want a daily podcast. I haven’t connected with another entrepreneur so deeply like this in a long time.

Why Katie?!?

When she walks into the room everyone wants to know who she is. Her energy draws you in because she not only teaches essential principles for life she lives them herself. If you want to learn from someone with integrity and that can show you the action steps to a fulfilled life Katie’s that woman!!

Thanks for lighting the way!

Woman of faith and family who also honors her own work and shares her voice?? So good to finally meet you, I’ve been hoping this was possible! Looking forward to more from you Katie as I create the blue print for my future self.


Only listen to this podcast if you are looking to be motivated to take action! Katie will help you find radical clarity. She will show you that you are more than capable. You will feel empowered to take the dang action and your entrepreneurial drive to get lit on 🔥🔥🔥.

Yes, more Katie! 🎉

I love that Katie is so real and relatable. It's crazy, because she's relatable AND she's a rockstar. It makes me feel like I can also be a rockstar and I love it! I love that she teaches through stories and I'm so glad she made this podcast so I can learn even more from her every week. Keep it going, Katie!


Katie Richardson is exceptional! It’s like she’s speaking right to me and the principles she teaches are SO powerful. Thank you! Can’t wait to keep listening