Jan. 24, 2023

Creative Marketing Brings Out the Visionary in You: Tori Barker

Creative Marketing Brings Out the Visionary in You: Tori Barker

It is always a thrill for me to speak with colleagues who do SO well those things that I do not do. This is especially true when they are fellow artists, driven by creativity and thriving in business relationships that are rewarding and rooted in mutual trust. On this episode of YES, BRAND, Tori Barker and I dissect the brand building, messaging, and marketing process, share some laughs, and play some games along the way.

Brand: Creative Marketing
Title: Principal and Creative Visionary
Brand Category: Digital Marketing
Years in Business: 4

About Tori
Tori Barker is a passionate, empathetic leader who has blazed her path to digital marketing success. She values family and relationships with clients just as highly as those she builds within communities – an approach that's earned her remarkable trust among colleagues. A master of listening intently and encouraging self-driven solutions, Tori stands out for not only delivering on expectations but creating unique experiences through creative strategies as the Founder and CEO of Creative Marketing - all while maintaining sincerity without fail. She is also the host of The Creative Visionaries Podcast where she hopes to inspire business owners, build connections, share success stories, and motivate others.

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