April 6, 2023

It'll Be Smooth Sailing This Season with Lyndsay Phillips!

It'll Be Smooth Sailing This Season with Lyndsay Phillips!
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Season 2 of the YES, BRAND podcast begins with Lyndsay Phillips, CEO and
Captain of Smooth Sailing Business Growth and Smooth Business Podcasting. She is a Content Marketing & Podcast expert, host of Leverage Your Podcast show and creator of the Podcast Leverage System.

But first,I want to welcome our Joint Venture partner for this season! When you do a podcast about branding, typical sponsorships won't do. I waited an entire season to begin a partnership with a company and an individual I was CERTAIN would serve our audience of entrepreneurs, business owners, and others who are BUILDING and DEVELOPING their brands.

So, please welcome
Numerus Capitalto the family! When I met Todd Aaron, CEO ofNumerus Capital, we immediately connected - me, a message guy, and Todd, a numbers guy, with the shared goal ofproviding a fast, more profitable way forwardfor entrepreneurs. Todd will be appearing on YES, BRAND to share some insights; for now I'll just say that their financing and credit card processing solutions bridge that barrier when customers don’t have the cash to make their purchase with you TODAY.

Okay! You will get right away that this chat with Lyndsay defies the typical podcast interview while being informative, fun, equal parts laughter and promotion.

Lyndsay has been featured on MSN, NBC, Fox, published in Huffington Post and Go Solo, guesting on podcasts like John Lee Dumas’s
Entrepreneurs On Fireand Joe Fairless’Best Podcast Ever, and has shared her expertise at events such as Dream Business Academy, Podfest (and included in the Guinness World Records!), and Service Business Edge (sharing the stage with Mike Michalowicz and Jay Abraham).


Chapter Markers:
01:10: Welcome Back from Spring Break!
04:20: Welcome Lyndsay Phillips! Let's Talk Podcast Leverage!
10:00: A Stop at the Bakery!
16:00: Lead Magnets? Yes!
19:25: What's in a URL?

Find Lyndsay:

Visithttps://numeruscapital.net/yesfor a FREE Consultation Call!
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Lindsay Phillips - Final Transcript

[00:00:00] Hersh Rephun: Leverage your podcast, suggest that it's the person who has the podcast, right? That's leveraging it. Not necessarily or not as opposed. Well, it also may be, but what if there were a sister podcast called, you Guessed, but it's guested. It's G G Oh, nice. 

[00:00:19] Lindsay Phillips: That's 

[00:00:20] Hersh Rephun: very, you guessed it. That's good. And it sounds like you guessed it.

[00:00:23] Hersh Rephun: I know. Once you guessed it, and then I should do that. Then the idea is you have people come. And they've been a guest on podcast they wanna be or whatever. And there you go. That's a gift. Take it. Take it. Okay. Just, 

[00:00:35] Lindsay Phillips: okay. I'll, I'll 

[00:00:36] Hersh Rephun: put it in my little pocket. And my grandmother would say, Yiddish. They would say, Yiddish, take.

[00:00:40] Hersh Rephun: Take it. And be Well, yes. Take it in good health.

[00:00:46] Hersh Rephun: Martians landed. Yes. Wearing Prada suits. Yes. Drinking Henry Seltzer. Yes. Chewing Juicy Fruit. Yes. And your branding here? Yes. Brand. Your message here? Yes. And a verse about [00:01:00] Yes. Your product here. I'm, hi, Redfin. Yes. I'm a message therapist. Yes. And I have a podcast. Yes. Brand. That's right. That's it. Yes. We'll help you fix the world.

[00:01:12] Hersh Rephun: Yes. For your bottom line. All your bottom line. Get it. Welcome to Yes podcast. Yes. Welcome back from Spring Break. I hope your spring break was exciting and. Frontland. I don't know. Was it a, a rapid fire kind of spring break or you, did you just start Spring break? Was it, uh, the kind of all inclusive spring break, which means it's all included in terms of the things that your kids want, and then you don't get anything, you know, whatever it is.

[00:01:44] Hersh Rephun: What it made me think of this morning was that if you really want insight into spring break and what it really means, what it's really all about, it's history and it's legacy you. Track down a film called Spring Break Sorority Babes. Spring [00:02:00] Break Sorority Babes is a film that I co-wrote with a gentleman named Bill Milling and oh, what it did for both of us to launch us into the nether sphere of script writing and filmmaking.

[00:02:12] Hersh Rephun: And no, I really can only speak for myself. But yeah, you know that there's some challenges in making what could be called a genre film, but of course, I think we did quite well. And in fact, roger ebert.com lauded the film as you know, where the boys are for the nineties or something like that. So, I don't know.

[00:02:34] Hersh Rephun: Anyway, find it. Check it out. It's a marvelous, marvelous, unusual film. And then here we are at Yes brand who would've known. We're now at season two. We're launching season two. I actually have been doing a lot of fun stuff to get ready for this season. We really got our sea legs and our audience last season and are on just a role.

[00:02:58] Hersh Rephun: We have a joint venture [00:03:00] partner because, um, you know, as I had mentioned in one of the promos, you know, I love to talk about brand voice, brand strategy, all of the things that get us. To the customer and close to the sale. But how do you close the sale? When people are worried about financing, they're worried about whether they can afford you, they're worried about, you know, how do they move forward faster and more profitably?

[00:03:23] Hersh Rephun: So that's what our joint venture partner, Numeris Capital, and it's C E O Todd Aaron are bringing to the party this season. We are going to create the full. Of, of a brand and its voice, message and solution. So we are just, I'm thrilled that they're on board. Thank you for coming on board. And also the theme might be along with the smooth process of, you know, consumer finance and credit card processing and branding and voice messaging is probably also smooth sailing in business growth, which brings us to my [00:04:00] first guest of the season.

[00:04:02] Hersh Rephun: The wonderful Lindsay Phillips, and I don't wanna give too much away. I think we had a great time. I think it's really emblematic of the kind of work we do on the show. We wanna inform, we wanna inspire, we want it to be fun, and we wanna have fun, and we just want to. You know, move forward with a smile on her face.

[00:04:22] Hersh Rephun: So that's what this season is dedicated to. Smooth sailing. Nice and good. Wonderful and nice and it should be wonderful and good, and also good and enjoy this episode. Who do we have in the hot seat at Yes Brand today? Lindsay, I received your application and let me take a look at it. It says here Lindsey Phillips, is that correct?

[00:04:45] Hersh Rephun: It is, sir Lindsey Phillip. Okay. And, uh, says you're the c e O of Smooth Sailing Business Growth and Smooth Business podcasting. You better believe it. And content marketing and podcast expert. And [00:05:00] it says that you're a host as well. You host leverage your podcast and you're the creator of the podcast Leverage Systems.

[00:05:07] Hersh Rephun: So, Let's see, let's see what I would, what conclusions I might draw. All right, let's see if you get it right. Um, I might think, yeah, I'm gonna, we'll play a little guessing game. I'm gonna guess you tell me if I'm right. I mean, I'm usually really spot on with this cuz I, I absorb things quickly. Okay. So you have spent time in the circus?

[00:05:28] Hersh Rephun: No, I 

[00:05:28] Lindsay Phillips: wish, I do love elephants, but no. 

[00:05:31] Hersh Rephun: Oh, loves elephants. Alright, loves elephants. You have a background in meats and vegetables in the marketing and packaging of meats and vegetables, I think. Is that 

[00:05:43] Lindsay Phillips: correct? Only, only packaging of podcast content so that it can be repurposed and multiply to increase your visibility and authority.

[00:05:52] Hersh Rephun: Okay, well that's well said. So, uh, I would say you're probably not a public speaker. No, you [00:06:00] are probably a public speaker sometimes. Do you do a lot of, sometimes public speaking? 

[00:06:04] Lindsay Phillips: Uh, I've, yeah, I've been on 

[00:06:05] Hersh Rephun: stage available today. Yeah. Well, let me, so what I was gonna say, so the position we have available today is that of podcast guest, and I imagine that you, you know quite a bit about that, right?

[00:06:20] Hersh Rephun: I do. 

[00:06:22] Lindsay Phillips: I love being a guest and I love helping people leverage being a guest. 

[00:06:27] Hersh Rephun: Okay. Well, let's dive into that because, all right, I've guessed it. I'm trying to guess more, but I think a lot of people are trying to figure out, well, what's the relative value and how do I go about it? 

[00:06:40] Lindsay Phillips: To me, it's like guesting on a podcast, a, it's a good first step if you're looking at hosting your own show.

[00:06:47] Lindsay Phillips: It's actually better to guest on a bunch of shows before you launch your own because then you know it's for you. You get a feel for how to be in front of the camera and communicate with people in that kind of space. [00:07:00] And guessing on podcasts, honestly, it gets your foot in the door to so many opportunities.

[00:07:04] Lindsay Phillips: I've been. Asked to be in, you know, on Pod Fast. I've spoke on stage and at their virtual events as well, different conferences. It's just a good, it opens up all the doors and you are seen as the go-to expert in your space, which obviously fast tracks you to being, getting more clients. 

[00:07:24] Hersh Rephun: How did you fall into the whole world of podcasting, guesting?

[00:07:30] Hersh Rephun: What is your origin? 

[00:07:33] Lindsay Phillips: I did it cuz my coach told me. So, um, yeah, I, I know it's true. I was scared. Scared to death. I'm like, I'm not launching a show. Are you outta your cotton picking mind? And then I did it anyways and the first few sucked and that's fine. And then, yeah, I actually started to enjoy it. I loved the connections with, you know, the guests and other people.

[00:07:56] Lindsay Phillips: And same with guesting on other shows. And obviously I love. [00:08:00] Like, it, it, it's a way to create content that's easy and that you can, you know, use that as a blog post. You can pull little bits out of it to make social posts. So it's an easy way to create content and it's fun. And those connections that you make with other people, it, it just opens up even more doors and opportunities of like, oh, I know someone that could use your help.

[00:08:20] Lindsay Phillips: Or, oh, I know someone that needs a guest. Would you like to be on their show? And, and it's created 

[00:08:25] Hersh Rephun: friendships. And you know, I'm looking at honestly your, some of the shows that you've been on and you know, these are some formidable podcasts as well, John, lean Dumas, entrepreneurs on Fire, Joe Les's Best podcast ever.

[00:08:40] Hersh Rephun: So how did you get on these shows? How did you go about, uh, appearing on the show? 

[00:08:47] Lindsay Phillips: It wouldn't be without my connections. I forget how I met Joe. Fearless, honestly. But I do remember it was through someone that I know, Hey, they're looking for guests or hey, You know, can I, I was on [00:09:00] their show. Can I, can I make a connection?

[00:09:01] Lindsay Phillips: Yes, please. And I wouldn't have been able to have been on those shows without those connections for sure. But I mean, there are, for other people, there are guest booking agencies that get you booked on shows as well. And there's a ton of sites like Pod Match Castillo where you can pitch yourself to be on shows or, you know, there's different avenues to go about it.

[00:09:24] Lindsay Phillips: But I do wanna say, It's less about which show you go on. Obviously being on, you know, entrepreneur on Fire, it's a good kudos to have, but you wanna make sure that you guessed on a show that has your ideal target market within that audience, cuz otherwise it just doesn't make sense. 

[00:09:46] Hersh Rephun: Now, how do you find, how do you find that out?

[00:09:48] Hersh Rephun: One of the things with podcasts is that there isn't always a ton of information, like to the novice to mm-hmm. Somebody, somebody that just listens to podcasts, it, they don't know who the audience is. Mm-hmm. [00:10:00] 

[00:10:00] Lindsay Phillips: True, true. I think I like, for me, I usually check out the podcast, obviously what it's about, and then I also see what it is that they do.

[00:10:08] Lindsay Phillips: So let's say I'm on a show and they are about branding, then I know that they're targeting entrepreneurs that are looking to up-level their business to be, you know, a personal brand. And they're investing in their business. So therefore, for me, that would be the type of audience and type of client that I would also want.

[00:10:32] Lindsay Phillips: They're you're like on parallels, right? Whereas, let's say there's a podcast that's about, I don't know, nutrition, it's, there may be some listeners that wanna know. 

[00:10:44] Hersh Rephun: Can we say, can we say that it's about ice? Sorry. Sorry, we Chocolate cake. Did you like chocolate cake? We say that it's about ice cream and say, yeah.

[00:10:50] Hersh Rephun: Chocolate cake or ice cream. Cream. Okay. You're gonna listen more nutrition thing did. 

[00:10:53] Lindsay Phillips: Okay. Yeah. Yeah. So, yes, I always talk about ch how to make chocolate cakes. So yeah, if there's a [00:11:00] podcast about cooking, baking, chocolate cakes, all these goodies, Yeah, they're sure there may be audience listeners that have an interest in podcasts or wanna put a podcast on, but probably not.

[00:11:12] Lindsay Phillips: But if my business was, I don't know, sugary treats of some kind, then 10 bucks says people that wanna know how to make chocolate cakes and baking, they would be more likely to be aligned with what it is that I'm offering. So you just wanna make sure. The audience is aligned with what you are offering and that there's some parallels there.

[00:11:35] Lindsay Phillips: Where do 

[00:11:36] Hersh Rephun: you shop for your baked goods? 

[00:11:39] Lindsay Phillips: The, the bulk barn's pretty good. Um, or Walmart? 

[00:11:43] Hersh Rephun: Pretty generic. Walmart's always good. You can't go, you 

[00:11:46] Lindsay Phillips: can't go wrong. You don't have a bulk barn in the States, do 

[00:11:48] Hersh Rephun: you? No, not that I know of. I mean, yeah, I don't know if is bulk riding. Where 

[00:11:57] Lindsay Phillips: you live? It is, yeah.

[00:11:59] Lindsay Phillips: There's like big [00:12:00] buckets of like a bucket of pretzels, a bucket of gummies, a bucket of flour, a bucket, like what's like Costco. And then, you know, you scoop it and you put it in a bag and then it's like a bulk not, it's not packaged, it's loose in a big bin. It's a trough kind of. It's a trough for 

[00:12:16] Hersh Rephun: for humans.

[00:12:16] Lindsay Phillips: Sure. It's like a buffet, but you put it in a bag and you take it home. 

[00:12:20] Hersh Rephun: Do you get horses that come in there also and they just eat right out? Truffles and sometimes I hope not. Scooping, scooping stuff. Wild. Who? You know what, who really cares? Yeah. Are we really worried about horse germs? No. If you would've said to somebody in, in April of 2020, Hey, how about those horse germs?

[00:12:39] Hersh Rephun: You know, people would be like, you know, I got bigger problems right now. Uh, now, now we know we're, we're in better shape because here we are obsessing about, about horse germs. The point being, no, there's no point to that. There was no point to that. The point, the point really, if you wanna extract one is what I would say.

[00:12:58] Hersh Rephun: If you have to extract [00:13:00] a point, no, I sometimes, when, when I'm listening to, to a guest and I, I go up based on your energy, you know, I'm like a medium in that way. I think you are, you are just cha, you're putting a certain energy out and I'm just processing that energy. Okay. And as much as I love the leverage your podcast.

[00:13:19] Hersh Rephun: Right, which leverage your podcast suggests that it's the person who has the podcast, right? That's leveraging it. Not necessarily Or not as opposed. Well, it also may be, but what if there were a sister podcast called, you guessed it, but it's guessed it. It's G Oh, 

[00:13:38] Lindsay Phillips: nice. That's very, you guessed it. 

[00:13:42] Hersh Rephun: That's good.

[00:13:42] Hersh Rephun: It sounds like you guessed it. I know you guessed it. And then I should do that. The idea is you have people come on and they've been a guest on podcast, or they wanna be or whatever, and there you go. That's that's a gift. Take it. Take it. Okay. Just, 

[00:13:56] Lindsay Phillips: okay, I'll, I'll put it in my 

[00:13:57] Hersh Rephun: little pocket. And my grandmother would say, [00:14:00] Yiddish.

[00:14:00] Hersh Rephun: They would say, Yiddish. Take. Take it and be, well, yes. Take it in good health, you know. And so now tell me about your background a little bit. Where are you? 

[00:14:10] Lindsay Phillips: I was born in England and then we moved to Ontario, and I've been in Southern Ontario ever since. I did live at West for a while, met my husband, and then we moved back and had kids and grew business.

[00:14:26] Hersh Rephun: Okay, there's a couple things to unpack there. One is the England thing. The England thing, which I obviously wouldn't have known. And how was that? W was one of your parents from England, were they like living or stationed in England or something like that? 

[00:14:38] Lindsay Phillips: Yeah, all my relatives are there. And then my dad was a police officer and just wanted more opportunities for his kids and um, decided to move to Canada and then he joined the police force in, in Ontario.

[00:14:52] Lindsay Phillips: Ah, so he 

[00:14:53] Hersh Rephun: was a police. Yeah, I was only five in England. Pardon me. 

[00:14:56] Lindsay Phillips: Uh, Well, he was, yeah, he was a cop 

[00:14:58] Hersh Rephun: in England. He was a [00:15:00] policeman. A Bobby. He's a cop. Or a Bobby. A Bobby. He's. Yeah, but dad was a Bobby and then he moved us to Canada. And the best part was no change in uniform. The change in uniform. Uniform were same different hats.

[00:15:15] Hersh Rephun: Same in same in Ontario. Different hat. Yeah. Yeah, different hat. Unless he was a beef eater and then he was whatever beef eater standing in front of, you know, Buckingham Palace and all that. So. Yeah, I don't see, see what happens. See what you're doing. We're trying to get all this done. Sorry. I have, I don't know if they can see that.

[00:15:32] Hersh Rephun: I have, I have all of this to get through today. Oh, geez. And we only are given a certain amount of time, uh, to, to, I'm gonna pull a random sentence out of it. Whoa. This isn't that. Okay. This is interesting. I feel like David Letterman, like I'm looking at the, like I 

[00:15:50] Lindsay Phillips: know, right? Oh, this is interesting. I need a mug.

[00:15:52] Hersh Rephun: I don't have a mug. Oh, leads, okay. That's, yeah. Right. That's, that's interesting. Getting leads from, from [00:16:00] podcasting. Share a little bit just. In general. Cause I do think there are people listening that we sometimes take for granted that they know all about podcasting. Mm-hmm. And all about the business of podcasting.

[00:16:11] Hersh Rephun: It's a tool to get messaging out to get, it could be entertainment, it could be, in my case, it's entertainment, it's branding, it's. Humanity. Do you have some Absolutely. 

[00:16:24] Lindsay Phillips: Some thoughts on that? Yeah. I mean, one of it is, um, when you are guessing on a podcast that you have like a one sheet and that you have particular podcast topics with specific questions as a guideline, but you also wanna make sure that those topics.

[00:16:41] Lindsay Phillips: Are a natural next step to going to one of your lead magnets or opt-ins that then also kind of fits naturally into one of your programs so that there's a natural journey that's gonna follow like a sales funnel. And obviously people sign up or buy your [00:17:00] course or sign up for your coaching program or whatever that may be.

[00:17:02] Lindsay Phillips: So that's one piece of the puzzle. The other piece of the puzzle is that when you are guesting on a podcast, once it goes live, that you should actually publish it on your website as like, like a blog post. And even if they don't, person doesn't give you show notes. You can put show notes on there, the image, and then you've got call to actions.

[00:17:21] Lindsay Phillips: And then, as you know, on a, on a blog post, there's all that real estate on the side, the sidebar. So then you wanna have like your lead magnets, your programs, your Facebook group, whatever else you have. Um, so that you can convert the listener who goes to your page to get onto your E list, and then that's where you can nurture and convert.

[00:17:39] Hersh Rephun: Okay. You hit on something there that, that pricked my ears up, which is the e list. You know, because some of the, because the, the way the podcasting system works, you don't always. Know who subscribes. They're not really always subscribing to you. They're subscribing to you on Apple, or they're subscribing to whatever, so you have no idea who they are.

[00:17:58] Hersh Rephun: You may know you have a lot of [00:18:00] downloads and you may get some reviews, but you don't know who they, who the people are. So how do you convert the listenership into leads? 

[00:18:09] Lindsay Phillips: You're talking about the host side now? I'm talking about the host side now. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So obviously when like every podcast, generally speaking has like an intro and an outro, so of course you're gonna share, like, don't just say go to my website.

[00:18:23] Lindsay Phillips: You can mention like I casually say, you know, I'm Lindsay Phillips, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah with smooth business growth.com. So I say my business name, but I also kind of say a url. But I always lead people to, you know, if you wanna do this, Go here to get your free X, Y, Z, and you can mix that up and have like different variations.

[00:18:45] Lindsay Phillips: So you're gonna share your lead magnet within the actual episode, but then also on your website, again, on those sidebars. And I also have call to actions throughout the posts so that when people are going to my site and weirdly. I [00:19:00] think it's 60. It's a big percentage of listeners from my podcast that actually listen on my site, which is awesome.

[00:19:07] Lindsay Phillips: And then you can also have a podcast player. I use simple podcast press that has a opt-in bill right into the player. So you can capture leads that way. But you wanna track like maybe there's a lead magnet that you only share on your podcast and you don't share anywhere. So, you know, whatever optin you get for that one lead magnet, they must have come through your, through your podcast.

[00:19:31] Lindsay Phillips: So then you can, or use specific URLs and then use pretty links so that you can track. The clicks and you can kind of gauge, okay, which links are getting the most action? Oh, you know, that's coming from my podcast. 

[00:19:47] Hersh Rephun: So now your URL is, don't say it, don't tell me. I just had it here. Oh, Lindsay Phillips, 

[00:19:54] Lindsay Phillips: smooth business, Phillips Growth.

[00:19:56] Lindsay Phillips: Yeah. There is a Lindsay Phillips that meet shoes. I'm not her. [00:20:00] 

[00:20:01] Hersh Rephun: You're not Lindsay, you're And you're not Wilson Phillips. No. And you're not Nancy Wilson. Yeah. There's a lot of, but if they go to female rock stars that you're not, I noticed. Okay, so tell me what it was. What the what? The rock smooth business 

[00:20:15] Lindsay Phillips: growth.com.

[00:20:16] Lindsay Phillips: Again. Yeah, so sorry. Smooth business growth.com. Yeah. 

[00:20:20] Hersh Rephun: I don't even think it was on this sheet. I think that's what it was. I don't think it was my, I think that it was omitted from the sheet. Darn Sheets. Smooth Business Fire. The sheets in the In the edited fire. The sheets. Smooth. Smooth Business growth.com bra what?

[00:20:35] Hersh Rephun: Smooth Business one. Growth growth.com. Yeah, that's what I figured. I didn't think it was gross. Gross, gross. Okay, now you like the word smooth. You like the word smooth Uhhuh, so that shows up a lot. Smooth Sailing Business growth, smooth Business growth.com. What inspired you to, to use that term? What does it mean for you?[00:21:00] 

[00:21:00] Lindsay Phillips: It, it all started when I had my VA firm and it was smooth sailing online support, and I forget what the tagline is, but, and there's like a little boat, but like everything in your business, you want it to be smooth sailing. You want it to go smoothly. You don't want rough waters, you don't want, you know, to hit an iceberg or rock.

[00:21:21] Lindsay Phillips: You wanna get to your port and have a smooth ride and everything, be hunky dory and you finally get to your Paradise Island in a nutshell. Yeah, 

[00:21:33] Hersh Rephun: I get it. I like it. And 

[00:21:34] Lindsay Phillips: then I just kept it, even though my business changed, I just kind of kept the smooth sailing part. So, 

[00:21:39] Hersh Rephun: and no, I don't have a boat pipeline for smooth sailing.

[00:21:42] Hersh Rephun: No, I don't either. They're to pay in the, in the ass. You don't want a, a boat. So the smooth sailing. The VAs, the VA company, the virtual assistant company. Mm-hmm. The tagline could've been, say no to virtual icebergs. Ooh. You could've, I could've done that. You don't like that, or you didn't? No, it was good. [00:22:00] Oh, you could have it.

[00:22:00] Hersh Rephun: It doesn't matter now. Yeah. Doesn't, it's neither here nor there. It just was an idea. I know. That's great. Everything needs a tagline. Oh yeah. You know, that was, that's I, I should have known when I was a kid, I used to make up taglines, but I never thought in a million years I'd be in advertising. I just thought it was a funny way.

[00:22:17] Hersh Rephun: Refer to like a jingle products or to refer to people, but like a jingle. Yeah. Yeah. I used to write jingles. I have a very good friend who wrote jingles and, um, he wrote, uh, he, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna name check him here, because he's gone on to do, to do so many amazing things. And he would just be like, why did you bring that up?

[00:22:36] Hersh Rephun: But, but he wrote the Ritz Cracker. When I won a cracker, I won a Ritz. You know, that was a, that was, I remember that. Yeah. Yeah. And it's funny, Yeah, to look back. Well, okay, so we're getting to the end of this initial, this initial interview, but I think we may bring you back for a call back. Do I have to apply again?

[00:22:56] Hersh Rephun: But, um, and just, uh, you're, no, you don't have to apply. You're, [00:23:00] you've checked off, you've done so well on this initial, I'm pre-approved initial thing. I see. I see nothing. Nothing but smooth business growth for you. Good, good. Nothing but smooth business growth.com for Lindsay Phillips. But I would like you to, to give our audience a little bit of something, a little advice, a little thought, anything you wanna add that you feel people who are listening, who are trying to move their own businesses forward could use a little shot in the arm, uh, a little inspiration.

[00:23:31] Hersh Rephun: If you could lay that on them, that'd be a great way to end the. 

[00:23:34] Lindsay Phillips: My whole vein is if you're petrified and scared, do it anyways. And I try to like, oh, I don't like doing this. It feels uncomfortable. Do it anyways. Cause I'm gonna be more annoyed at myself for not doing it, than doing it and doing it wrong.

[00:23:51] Lindsay Phillips: So just, even if you're scared, just do it. 

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