Jan. 3, 2023

Negotiating Improv and $500M in Deals with Mike Lander

Negotiating Improv and $500M in Deals with Mike Lander

If you haven't heard of Mike Lander, this is the best way to meet him: relaxed, having a few laughs, and dropping wisdom nuggets about the art of negotiation. He's a master at it, that's his brand at first glance. But there's so much more to Mike, as you'll see when we discover the similarities between high stakes dealmaking and improvisational comedy.

Mike Lander is a successful entrepreneur, ex-procurement director and expert negotiator (according to his clients) with a proven track record of buying, growing, and selling businesses. He’s raised over £6.5m of acquisition/growth capital in his career and grown companies to over £20m revenue and £4m EBITDA - he’s also negotiated 100s of deals as a buyer worth over £450m in total. With nearly half a billion pounds in deals, Mike holds a number of titles, but I just think of him as “my friend mike!”

Mike has a uniquely valuable perspective on negotiating commercial deals, having worked on both sides of the table as a Procurement Director and an entrepreneur. In one of his roles, Mike worked as a Procurement Director for what is now one of the world’s largest recruitment outsourcing organisations worth in excess of $1bn.

Mike works predominantly with agency sales teams to help them negotiate more profitable deals, especially when procurement gets involved.

Mike is also the Chairman of a successful SEO Agency https://resignal.com/

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