March 16, 2023

When You Care as Much About the Sauce as the Coverage: Glenn Rudin

When You Care as Much About the Sauce as the Coverage: Glenn Rudin

I wanted to close out Season 1 of YES, BRAND with a fun chat about brands, pizza, messaging, insurance, and upscale cosmetics. So, naturally I invited Glenn Rudin of Always Been Creative to the studio.  A self-described "product guy" for much of his illustrious career (think Revlon, Sherwin-Williams and other Fortune 500 companies), Glenn knows selling and messaging up and down (he's known as the "Message Master"). And what we've realized is that today, while we prefer the term 'personal brand,' we're all products. 

Hopefully, you will find this episode
amuseful (amusing and useful - it's kinda becoming my thing ).

Always Been Creative and The Message Master
Owner - Always Been Creative, Inc.
Consumer Goods, Coaching, Consulting
Years in Business
Always Been Creative 15 years. Glenn overall 30+ years,

Find Glenn:
Instagram: @glenn_rudin_message_master

Chapter Markers:
00:00 - Personally, You're a Product & It's a Blessing
14:00 - 2 Pros Trying Something New & Unprofessional
17:00 - Pizza, Insurance, Promises, Deliverables, Dumb Dads
28:00 - Shameless Plugs Still Exist 

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Glenn Rudin - Final Transcript
[00:00:00] Glenn Rudin: You are selling insurance. You can't show up at the networking meeting and want to be the class clown at the networking meeting because right when the meeting ends and we gotta think, now do I need insurance? I'm looking around the room, I'm like, oh, that's the guy who thinks he is really funny. He thinks it's funny that people have accidents and you know that insurance is something funny because the parent company has the Aflac Duck or.
[00:00:25] Glenn Rudin: And it's like how many people are going to say, yeah, let me meet with you, funny guy to talk about, you know, my insurance needs and how I don't want to get burned by my insurance company. Besides, I, I don't have enough coverage. Maybe you can tell me a few jokes about houses, you know, that have burned down or something.
[00:00:41] Hersh Rephun: In a way, they're competing for cleverness, right? And they communicate this stuff and it's all clever. The Geico stuff is clever. The progressive stuff is clever. The liberties got its own cleverness to it, and. Stuff. They're all good. They're all actually making good ads, and in a way it's like they [00:01:00] wanna show that they're smart and they've got you covered.
[00:01:03] Hersh Rephun: That's really it. We're smart. We're not idiots. Comedy requires us to be thinkers. We came up with this concept, we think it's funny, it's catchy. You like it, you're entertained. You can trust us. Yeah. But we are also not the one when you call the insurance agent, he's not the voice of the Aflac Duck
[00:01:24] Hersh Rephun: Martians landed Yes. Wearing Prada suits. Yes. Drinking Henry Seltzer. Yes. Chewing Juicy Fruit. Yes. Your branding here? Yes. Brand. Your message here? Yes. And a verse about Yes. Your product here. Yes. I'm Hi Redmond? Yes, and I'm a message therapist. And I have a podcast. Yes. Brand. That's right. That's it? Yes.
[00:01:48] Hersh Rephun: We'll help you fix the world. Yes. Or your bottom line. Alright. Your bottom line. Get it. I get it. Welcome to the Yes Brand podcast.[00:02:00] 
[00:02:02] Hersh Rephun: With me today is Glen Rud. Glen is the owner of Always Been Creative, that's a boutique marketing agency he's had for about 15 years. He also is known in some circles as the message master, and that's not just something that he kind of came up with himself. It's just something that people call him and we're gonna find out why we're gonna talk to him about his own brand, about developing the Glen Rudin brand.
[00:02:30] Hersh Rephun: Glen, welcome to Yes. 
[00:02:33] Glenn Rudin: It's great to be here. Hirsch. I'm thrilled to be a guest on your show and you know, I love the vibe. You know, it's, it's interesting all the years of being in this business, always loved that. Look, once or twice in my career have had a loft, kind of a studio that had that. Awesome brick looking background that just made you feel like you were in some kind of really awesome, cool, creative space.
[00:02:56] Glenn Rudin: So I'm envying you right now with my crummy green screen behind me, . [00:03:00] 
[00:03:01] Hersh Rephun: Oh man. Well, I appreciate the, the compliment. It certainly is. It's funny cuz when I lived in New York, that's what every, what all our offices looked like, and we had a choice of like the kind of brick color that you have behind me or the white brick.
[00:03:15] Hersh Rephun: That was basically it. It was brick either way, and it was a matter of what, so I relate to it now and I'm like comfy and cozy, but I would like get a sun to be shining outside like I'm finding a brick or a log cabin or something. Just when I walk outside, I want the sun shining. You know, going way back, 
[00:03:33] Glenn Rudin: I, I remember there was a show, I think it was called 30 something, and yeah, somebody in that show owned an agency and had that same look.
[00:03:43] Glenn Rudin: And I think that that's one of the things that really spurred. That whole look on to be creative because Right. If we go back to classic Madison Avenue image, like the Don Draper, you know, of uh, you know, of yesteryear, it didn't look like that. They would've never had, you know, had [00:04:00] brick walls. And I think 30 something kind of introduced that concept and everybody was like, wow, that's really cool.
[00:04:06] Glenn Rudin: And I think all the interior designers are like, you're kidding. This is what's gonna be now we're gonna have to put bricks up in everybody's office in order to satisfy. You know their need to want to be like, you know, hip and cool like the guys on that agency in 30 something, right? Just my theory. 
[00:04:21] Hersh Rephun: And that's what happened was it swung back because, because with 30 something, and it was Ken Olan and I don't remember the other act or.
[00:04:29] Hersh Rephun: Uh, that was in a, Peter Horton was in it. I remember the actors, you know. Uh, but the thing with the agency was they were reflecting what the agency world was like at that time and when that show came out. And so, you know, by the time madman came along, people were ready to throw back. So now would be like the wood paneling, you know, the oak, the art deco style.
[00:04:51] Hersh Rephun: Uh, yeah. But let's start. And you and I know you know about elevator pitches. Give us your one floor. 
[00:04:57] Glenn Rudin: Sure. Well, Hersh, 90% of the people [00:05:00] that I come in contact with, struggle. Mightily with their branding, their messaging, their pitch, either some portion of that or all of it. And the great news is for that majority of people that suffer with that and are being held back by that is they can be helped, but they've gotta do two things.
[00:05:20] Glenn Rudin: One, they've gotta acknowledge that they're not very good at those things. They need to seek out somebody like your. Or myself to help them. And then they've gotta be willing to put the time in with basic blocking and tackling to really learn the basics so that they can show up. And while they might not end up being Don Draper doing their pitches, they can certainly be a whole lot better than they are now.
[00:05:44] Glenn Rudin: And I would say that a good majority of the people that that I come in contact with are always embarra. When I do my pitch right, they'll say, oh my God, I can't believe I gotta do my pitch after this guy. And it's like, is it my fault you didn't hire me or you didn't hire [00:06:00] Hirsch before you came to the meeting?
[00:06:02] Glenn Rudin: Or are you somebody that really is happy winging this most important thing that you do, which is the introduction of yourself to the world. So we have a reason to want to lean in and ask you more information. So again, if that's something that you struggle, Find somebody who can teach you the basics, overcome the obstacles that you have, and become good at doing a pitch.
[00:06:29] Glenn Rudin: It's not all that difficult if you put the 
[00:06:31] Hersh Rephun: time in. Yeah. And the pitch is not the ask, you know, the, the pitch is not, is not begging for the money or telling them the cost, or telling them the pitch is the, you know, the excitement. What can possibly come of this? That's always fun for me, I, what I struggle with is sales, you know, in my own, you know, world of helping, of really saying [00:07:00] great stuff about other people.
[00:07:01] Hersh Rephun: My whole career I got used to the idea of the third party validation where I don't have to tell anybody anything, I just talk to people. I just tell people about other people, those people will then say nice things about me and then it all comes around. It all kind of works out, but there's a level at which we have to have confidence in our own, uh, brand, so to speak.
[00:07:25] Hersh Rephun: So in your case where you're helping others, how do you balance, you know, self-promotion with the kind of guidance or promotion you do for other 
[00:07:36] Glenn Rudin: people? Well, I think the thing for me is I just feel so comfortable in this space. You know, I, over the last five or six years I've heard this term zone of genius.
[00:07:46] Glenn Rudin: And, and believe me, I don't consider myself a genius by, by any stretch of the imagination. But this is a space that I am really comfortable in and I, I do seem to have a great ability to listen to what [00:08:00] people believe they're doing for a living and helping them. Talk about it in ways that it really does make sense so that other people do understand.
[00:08:10] Glenn Rudin: And so when I'm doing that in, in essence, Hersh, I'm really pulling the thorn outta the lion's paw, I really believe that I'm helping people who are suffering unnecessarily in terms of the way that they do what they do. And I have to tell you that the, the sense of. That I see on people's faces. I, you know, when I see the, uh, like this relief, the shoulders all of a sudden, you know, get more comfortable and people, wow.
[00:08:38] Glenn Rudin: I've been trying to figure out how to say that about myself for my whole life. And, you know, you just did it in five or six minutes and, and thank you. I, you know, I just can't thank you enough. The other thing is, you know, and again, you know, in terms of my. Coming through the, the, the sales and marketing functions in my career.
[00:08:59] Glenn Rudin: There [00:09:00] was never a time early in my career when you could actually go out and even have a brand. Right. You know, you worked for a company and the only brands that existed were, you know, the big Fortune 500, even Fortune 1000 companies that actually had. Budgets to spend, right? There was no social media.
[00:09:20] Glenn Rudin: There was no zooming, there was no Twitter, there was no Instagram. There was no TikTok. None of those things existed where any person on any given day could wake up and say, today, this is going to be my brand. This is who I'm going to be. I'm gonna speak about my company like this and listen, even if a hundred people are listening or a.
[00:09:43] Glenn Rudin: you now have the ability to be your own brand manager on any day of the week that you get up and start doing that. That never existed. I mean, I would even say to a large degree, I know there's been influencers and, and YouTube has been around now for, you know, for quite some time. But for, I think for the [00:10:00] average person that I come in contact with, a small business owner, as you were saying earlier, the entre.
[00:10:06] Glenn Rudin: This field is so wide open now for you to be able to be your own brand spokesperson and it never existed before. So in a sense, everybody, it's a new day for everybody is just a question of who wants to get on that ride versus who wants to still, you know, stay on the sidelines and say, oh, I'll never be able to do that.
[00:10:26] Hersh Rephun: That's how I feel. I feel like people have this tremendous opportunity, um, , I can champion them. Tell me a little bit about your background and how you got into this. 
[00:10:39] Glenn Rudin: So what you know, the earliest jobs that I had were with Fortune 500 companies. I worked for Revlon. I worked for Sherwin Williams, the paint company.
[00:10:49] Glenn Rudin: I worked for a big Japanese conglomerate called Shiseido. That here in the states has a high end of, uh, you know, female women's cosmetics, right? And I, [00:11:00] so that's the industry that I started in. And so what I came to realize over time was, you know, I always like to pick up a product and I don't get, you know, I won't even turn it around, but like, you know, so here's this tube of whatever it is, and this thing has to sit on a shelf someplace and speak for itself, right?
[00:11:17] Glenn Rudin: And the difference between this sad little tube that just has to sit there and it's got its little copy and its label and, and myself is, I've got the ability to say, Hey, wait a minute. I want you to stop and pick me up. I want you to look at. Labeling, I want you to pay attention to me. And, and so about five or six years ago, I started saying, listen, this is really interesting.
[00:11:38] Glenn Rudin: I've always been a product guy, but aren't people products, they are mm-hmm. . And, you know, we decide when we go out in the world or we appear virtually, you know, on one of these, um, you know, calls like a Zoom call or, or, or the platform we're working on here, uh, today. And we decide, this is how I want to.
[00:11:58] Glenn Rudin: Labeled and [00:12:00] packaged and branding myself. Now, I, I believe that the big mistake that people make is they're not intentional about that. That one day they'll show up in a t-shirt. The next day they'll show up with the backward baseball hat. The next day they'll show up looking like they're heading down to the beach, and there really is no consistency to it.
[00:12:17] Glenn Rudin: Whereas again, with this little person here, this little product, whoever decided this was how it's gonna. Right. They run 50,000 or a hundred thousand. They send them out all over the place. That's what they look like. And, and they're gonna stay looking like that because someone said that's how that thing should look.
[00:12:35] Glenn Rudin: But we have the ability to change, as you were just saying. We have the ability to wake up one day and say, Hey, wait a minute. You know, I wanna now be the, the funniest brand person in the world. So everything I'm going to do is gonna involve joking around and trying to be funny. Now, that's not my, But I do see people attempting to do that kind of a thing.
[00:12:55] Glenn Rudin: And I, you know, again, I go back to this word of intentionality. Are [00:13:00] you being intentional with this, this thing that we call a brand? And in my judgment, you need to be so intentional about it because every time you do get the opportunity to be that thing that whatever that is, I believe you need to be really consistent with it.
[00:13:19] Glenn Rudin: Because if you're. , you start to confuse people who don't really understand what the brand is or who this is showing up today. consistency. Is Kia your personal brand or your company brand? It's, it's, to me it's essentially the same. What do you want people to be thinking of your company or your company's brand when they just think about it?
[00:13:38] Glenn Rudin: When they think about, you know, a Nike sneaker or when they think about Coca-Cola or when they think about, uh, you know, a Ford F-150. You know, what, what do people think about these? When it's not being advertised in front of them. When somebody just happens to bring one of those things up, what are the words that immediately register in your [00:14:00] mind about them?
[00:14:01] Glenn Rudin: And to me, when, when you take the time to be intentional about any of those things and you think to yourself, how do I want people thinking about this? Well then, you know, the next time you put out a message or an ad or you're speaking. That's how you're going to speak about it. Well, 
[00:14:18] Hersh Rephun: let's try to do something now.
[00:14:20] Hersh Rephun: Is there a brand or client that you've never worked with that you would just love to have a, a chance to do something with their brand or change their image or take them somewhere? And this is, we're doing this as kind of an impromptu, you know, we haven't prepared notes on this either of us, but it is something I, I wanted to try, but just to see, you know, just for us to, as an.
[00:14:46] Hersh Rephun: You know, it flex our, our muscles a little bit. 
[00:14:50] Glenn Rudin: Okay. Interesting. So, I don't know, should, should we pick maybe one of the national pizza chains and, and, okay. See, is there something that we can do for them other [00:15:00] than their race to the bottom on, you know, you can get nine pies for 10 cents, right? Which, which seems to be like the typical kind of thing.
[00:15:08] Glenn Rudin: Can't we come up with, with a better reason why somebody should want your pizza? Then you can get five pizza pies for $5. . 
[00:15:16] Hersh Rephun: Yeah, that's great. That's actually great, Glen, because this is why I try to explain to people about what we do, which is that you don't do it alone. You don't, you don't do it in a, a vacuum or in a closet.
[00:15:27] Hersh Rephun: You really, if you were the pizza exec or if I were the pizza exec, it wouldn't matter. We would have just presented you with a. You know, we would've said, everybody wants, everybody wants, you know, pizza and how much pizza can they get and how many topics can they get? And if they're not good in math, they really don't want to hear these commercials because you have, you have to be, and you have to have your calendar ready and your date book and everything so you can figure out how long it lasts.
[00:15:53] Hersh Rephun: And it could be a fictional chain, doesn't matter. The idea is how do we sell what is special about [00:16:00] pizza that. Bring into this conversation that, that all these other people have failed to do so far. Cuz they're all jaded and they're, and they're in the, they're in it so long, you know, we're fresh to 
[00:16:10] Glenn Rudin: pizza.
[00:16:11] Glenn Rudin: There's a pizza place and a bagel place basically on every corner. , you know, we'll go to like one of these, you know, Dennis Miller, comedian, one liners, you know, there's like a pizza place in the back of the pizza place, just opened in my neighborhood. You know, he, he used that really more for Starbucks, but it does work for, uh, that's funny for the pizza thing too, right?
[00:16:29] Glenn Rudin: When's the last time, literally, now I don't know how many people can see me, that like, you went into the pizza place and you took the thing, and you did like the cheese stretch, like that actually mattered to you. Like, you like when, so the next time you went to get a pizza, You went to do that and you're like, wait a second, this is false advertising.
[00:16:47] Glenn Rudin: My pizza's not stretching. Like, who cares? Right. Who cares? We're not doing a science experiment on the elasticity of mozzarella cheese. Right? Yeah. Doesn't the taste mean something, right? I don't, I can't tell you that for the national [00:17:00] chains, I don't know that I've ever heard, I, I hear different styles like they're push.
[00:17:05] Glenn Rudin: Detroit deep dish style or deep dish, but not once have I ever heard that. Listen, we we're guaranteeing you that you're gonna love the tangy taste of, you know, we offer three different kinds of sauces and one of them is from here, one's from here, one's from here. You pick the one you want, but we guarantee you between those three, you're gonna love them.
[00:17:27] Glenn Rudin: Matter of fact, come in, we do a pizza sauce taste test before we make your. So you get to taste a little of say, yeah, that's the one that I want on my pizza. I've, I've never heard anybody even do anything remotely like that. It's like you get what you. And as long as it stretches like nine miles, you know, , then nothing else should really matter.
[00:17:46] Glenn Rudin: Or Yeah, that you get a box full of it. And that's what we're pushing now, that for, you know, for 5 99, you're getting nine pizzas. Who cares if it tastes like garbage, but you're getting a lot of it. Right. Doesn't that matter to you? Right. And you can stretch 
[00:17:58] Hersh Rephun: it, you know. And [00:18:00] somebody will like it, or that it's a birthday party or something, and it's like, who really cares?
[00:18:04] Hersh Rephun: They're six years old, they're eight years old. They, you know what? They're gonna eat a lot of pizza in their day. Let's just get the cheapest one. We'll get the most, and they can all have two slices. That's like a better, that's a better deal. And that that could actually be the beginning of the. The setup could be, you know, and sometimes pizza doesn't matter.
[00:18:21] Hersh Rephun: Sometimes it doesn't matter what the pizza tastes like, and you have a house full of kids and it's like, you know, just make sure they can get two slices, . You know, it's like that's all they, that's all they want. Other times you're sold on the idea that the pizza's gonna be good, and then you could be disappointed.
[00:18:39] Hersh Rephun: So the question was in the battle necessarily over what's the best pizza in the world? Cuz no one's ever gonna, I mean, you know. And then there was a place near my house in LA called World's Best Pizza, but you know, . Then there was also a pizza world so that the, you have that to deal with. And then in New York there was raised pizza, which was the original, [00:19:00] there was an original raise and you had to get it from the original raise in the village.
[00:19:05] Hersh Rephun: If you got it from a, one of the later rays that started, it wasn't as good, right? So it's like, okay, I don't, I don't even care. You know, it's like, but the payoff might be something along the lines of, are you disappointed? Like the guy eats the product that our pizza shop is, let's call it worldwide, worldwide best pizza.
[00:19:23] Hersh Rephun: And they say, you know, it's the, it's the worldwide best pizza. We have them all over the world. It's a big world. It's a big white world worldwide pizza. And they say, Is it the best pizza in the world? Say no, but we we're pretty sure you won't be disappointed. And then it's like, that's the bar that they, that they, they want to hit.
[00:19:41] Hersh Rephun: Yeah. You know? Yeah. I kind of like that. You know, just a thought. Right. I mean, there's no worldwide pizza to pitch it to, but what do you like in ads? What kind of, when you watch ads, what do you, what do you like and what inspires you? 
[00:19:54] Glenn Rudin: Well, the one thing that I will say is that, you know, when I see, and I know we're talking about pizza, [00:20:00] but when I see ads and bad, I often just think to myself, you know, there's a, a school of thought that says that if we're not going to.
[00:20:08] Glenn Rudin: A mother-in-law joke, or the father in the formula has to be lamo. You know, he can't, and I don't, I know that's not a great word to uh, use, but you know, the father has to somehow be lesser in order for the whole formula to work. Everybody has to figure it out. But poor old dad, you know, kind of a, kind of a feeling.
[00:20:27] Glenn Rudin: So I don't like those. And listen, I, I think I'd like to see some more of creating. Heroes out of, you know, the parents in the situation who are the unsung heroes in all of these, you know, situations. You know, thank god, mom or dad, you know, uh, was able to get us, you know, this worldwide pizza this week, you know, we're lucky to, to have that.
[00:20:49] Glenn Rudin: Thank you, mom. Thank you, dad. 
[00:20:51] Hersh Rephun: Yeah. Why does, and that, that happened in a lot of, uh, sitcoms as well, where the fathers. You know, the iol, let's say the [00:21:00] kind of lovable or whatever, ibes, it's like, why does somebody have to be an ibes? It's hard enough to just be a parent. You know? It just, you just kind of made a really good point there and it's like, you know, why?
[00:21:14] Hersh Rephun: Why can't everybody win? Why does someone have to, why is losing like a value? Yeah, and I get it. It's a comparison shop thing in advertising. , there's something societal about, you know, our, our blood , our blood blood lust, you know, smart and stupid, I don't think are opposites. I think a smart person is a person who gets paid a lot of money for not doing very much.
[00:21:41] Hersh Rephun: And an intelligent person is someone who, who gets paid to do something they're proud of. And the stupid person and a smart person can be the same. . Yeah. Yeah. That's my, anyway, that's my, that was a thought that I had today in the shower, so I didn't make it up just now, but I did. It [00:22:00] did occur to me. And you're welcome to share Glen also something that you've thought of.
[00:22:05] Hersh Rephun: There's no, what, what I love about Yes, brand is, there's no wrong answers. We're just building on top of ideas and the one constant is that we couldn't say whatever we're saying. We really couldn't say it if we were. It wouldn't, it wouldn't come. It wouldn't come up. The smart thing wouldn't come up if you didn't mention the father being, being always portrayed as being 
[00:22:26] Glenn Rudin: stupid.
[00:22:26] Glenn Rudin: I don't know. Maybe instead of pizza, we should have really gone after the insurance companies because, oh, this is, okay. This is another one that bugs the daylights out of me. For me, and I used to see this in some of the networking meetings that I went to, and so I'd often point this out to people if, if you are selling insurance, You can't show up at the networking meeting and wanna be the class clown at the networking meeting because right when the meeting ends and we gotta think, now do I need insurance?
[00:22:55] Glenn Rudin: I'm looking around the, I'm like, oh, that's the guy who thinks he is really funny. He thinks it's funny [00:23:00] that people have accidents and you know that insurance is something funny because the parent company has the Aflac Ducker. And it's like, how many people are going to say, yeah, let me meet with you, funny guy to talk about, you know, my insurance needs and how I don't want to get burned by my insurance company.
[00:23:19] Glenn Rudin: I, I don't have enough coverage. Maybe you can tell me a few jokes about houses, you know, that have burned down or something. So the commercials are clever and they're funny, but is one more person, Hirsch buying a policy with Geico because of that? or with flow, you know, again, because of the, the humor involved there.
[00:23:38] Glenn Rudin: I don't get it. I mean, I, I think that, you know, people shop insurance based on finance and where they can get the deal from and I think those ads, maybe they're just subliminal, you know, you go to do shopping for an ad and you think, oh, that's flow. Yeah, yeah. I'll get the flow insurance kind of a thing.
[00:23:56] Hersh Rephun: Well, you make a great point, Lynn, there. [00:24:00] There's a parallel there between the pizza and the insurance because they're, they're all the same. How are they going to, what's their u s p gonna be, you know, what's their unique selling proposition gonna be? So in a way, they're competing for cleverness, right? And they communicate this stuff and it's all clever.
[00:24:20] Hersh Rephun: The Geico stuff is clever. The progressive stuff is clever. The, the liberties got its own cleverness to it, and, Stuff. They're all good. They're all actually making good ads and in a way it's like they wanna show that they're smart and they've got you covered. That's really it. We're smart. We're not idiots.
[00:24:38] Hersh Rephun: Comedy requires us to, to be thinkers. We came up with this concept, we think it's funny, it's catchy. You like it, you're entertained. You can trust us. Yeah. But we are also not the one, when you call the insurance agent, he's not the voice of the Aflac duck when you call, when you go to the insurance place.
[00:24:56] Hersh Rephun: He's not the dude in the Allstate commercial. You know, [00:25:00] he's, he's the, although they do have the serious. voice, the serious actor voice, but it's still done with a rye kind of, you know, sense with a Rye Reid. But you're gonna talk to someone who's much more dry, much more serious, and much more focused on your account.
[00:25:19] Hersh Rephun: Right? 
[00:25:19] Glenn Rudin: I mean, look, I get, when I was a kid a, a million years ago, you know, we'd watched The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday on Sun. No, actually, yes, on Sunday nights. Um, and before Disney there was a show on called Wild Kingdom with Yeah, with a guy named Marlon Perkins where they went on location.
[00:25:42] Glenn Rudin: There was a humor to this also. Marlon Perkins was the guy who was at the end of the show who was, you know, there where they got the, the bear tamed and he's in the cage or they got the lion and you know, now we can look at him from a distance and his other, his like side. [00:26:00] Was the guy who actually went into the woods, right.
[00:26:02] Glenn Rudin: and, and did all this stuff. He, he ended up being somebody of some note that would appear on all of the, uh, the, the nighttime talk shows. I'm trying to remember his name. Anyway, the reason I'm bringing it up is Wild Kingdom was brought to you by Mutual of Omaha. Of Omaha, yeah. Insurance company. And their slogan, just to show you how far we've come, their slogan was the company that.
[00:26:28] Glenn Rudin: the company that pays. So that's 
[00:26:29] Hersh Rephun: odd. I didn't, yeah, I, I remembered all, I'm sad to admit it as well, but I, but I remember Wild Kingdom and I remember Marlon Perkins, uh, but I didn't remember the company that pays. 
[00:26:39] Glenn Rudin: Right. So could you imagine an insurance company today, the company that pays as opposed to the company that will do anything at Canne to put something else in your rider?
[00:26:48] Glenn Rudin: To make sure that we don't pay when actually, when something actually does happen, when the tornado does hit, when the wind damage does hit, when it does rain or whatever. Oh no, you didn't look at Clause [00:27:00] 19 that that's not covered in your policy. Right? Because they're no longer the company that pays right now.
[00:27:07] Glenn Rudin: They're the company that tells jokes. So you're laughing while you sign the policy and you never read clause 18 that says you're not covered for any of that. 
[00:27:17] Hersh Rephun: Right now we merged the two things, and the commercial is really for a insurance company that's inside a pizza parlor. And then they say, we're gonna, don't worry we're, we're not gonna pay out.
[00:27:28] Hersh Rephun: But the pizza's okay. The pizza's pretty good. , you won't be disappointed in the pizza. Right? But that's also part of it is the reality of any brand, any service. That we're human, we're, we're fallible. You know, before we wrap, let's maybe speak to your audience of people who's branding you're helping with, and just anything you want to tell them about, you know, getting clarity, getting their messaging together.
[00:27:59] Hersh Rephun: [00:28:00] Um, anything they can take away. Uh, I'll let you have the last. Of the show because I do wanna, I, you know, I, I love to play and it's fun and we, we have a great time and I do think it's great for us to put that out there and, and share that with, but I also think we have to make room same as the insurance company has to make room for a little bit of decorum, you know, as far as the messaging goes.
[00:28:25] Hersh Rephun: Um, you know, that's important to do that as 
[00:28:28] Glenn Rudin: well, so. Okay. Appreciate that. So, I'll, I'm gonna do a little bit of a shameless. For please for my book. It's called A Brand in Your Hand, and a brand in your hand is the Business World's first fully rhyming full color book on branding. And you're puzzled. Now.
[00:28:47] Glenn Rudin: What do you mean it's rhyming? What? What is that about? So, and when I say it's full color right, beautiful illustration. So, uh, I love it. This is a section on your personal brand. You are the star. So [00:29:00] just what exactly is your personal. . It's the impression we get As we shake your hand, what's the first thing that will come to our mind?
[00:29:09] Glenn Rudin: You'll want us to think. We've made quite a find. You need to define ways in which we perceive you. You must be authentic if we're to believe you. When your personal brand is misunderstood, your message is confusing, and that isn't. So if you like Dr. Seuss, this is like Dr. Seuss comes to the business world, and I really truly believe that, again, we go back to this word about being intentional.
[00:29:38] Glenn Rudin: Take some time and think about how you want the world to be perceiving you. What do you want us to be thinking about you when you put your stuff on Instagram or LinkedIn, or you're having a conversation or you're at a networking. How do you want to be known and referred to [00:30:00] when you're no longer in the room?
[00:30:02] Glenn Rudin: Be intentional about that. Start right there. It's a great place for any entrepreneur or small business owner or even a business owner that's of of some merit, you know, a 15, 20, 20 5 million business because you've probably never taken the time to do this, and chances are you are probably the spokesperson for your.
[00:30:24] Glenn Rudin: So make sure you've got a personal brand that matches what you're trying to accomplish with that business so that everywhere you go, everywhere you. We feel like we're getting the authentic you that's wrapped up in your business and what you're trying to accomplish. 
[00:30:42] Hersh Rephun: If you like the show, yes. It worked for you.
[00:30:46] Hersh Rephun: Yes. Subscribe and leave us. Yes. Five star review. Yes, friends. Tell all your friends, get your branding here. Yes. Get your branding here. Yes. Did I make it clear? Yes. Get your [00:31:00] branding all Yes. Before they're.