Feb. 28, 2023

How To Build and Maintain Momentum Towards Your Goals

How To Build and Maintain Momentum Towards Your Goals

Is your business one that deals with project management. Do you deal with managing clients through the project management process? If you do, you will love today’s topic, because I know for a fact that there are little to no entrepreneurs that think they can’t learn how to be better project managers. The topic is weaved into every facet of our businesses. It’s present in our sales process, how we serve our clients, paying salaries, and even how we let personnel go. Project management is what makes businesses run, but it’s also what slows so many of us down. It’s a momentum killer that keeps us from building our dream business and reaching our goals. So today, we are going to dive into this topic and see if we can’t make better project managers out of all of us. To help me today is Rob, a seasoned software developer of over 30 years. He’s been involved with a wide variety of system architectures and platforms. His roles have included staff developer, director of development, architect, database administrator, and many points in between. Rob founded his company RB Consulting as a software development and implementation company. However, after witnessing a significant number of poorly planned and designed projects, he altered the business focus to helping customers put together well-designed project plans and navigating through the vast sea of technology we are bombarded by everyday. 

This week we'll cover:
1. What is the biggest challenge do you feel we face when approaching our business goals
2. How simple can we make project management?
3. What steps can we take this week to build better momentum towards our goals?

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