Jan. 31, 2023

Should You Write A Book To Help Your Business?

Should You Write A Book To Help Your Business?

Have you noticed over the last few years that there are a lot of new authors popping up? There are a couple of reasons for this. The main one in my mind is the democratization of authorship through platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing and other self-publishing platforms.  It has never been easier to publish a book. The biggest hurdle now is writing a book. So the question then becomes, why should a business owner write a book? Should you write a book for your brand? Well that’s what we are going to dive into today. And to help with the subject is my friend Mike Capuzzi.

Mike has authored 19 books, including two international Amazon # 1 Best Sellers, The 100-Page Book and The Magic of Short Books and he’s going to share some tips, wisdom and insights on why and how to write and leverage a nonfiction book for business.

Question we answer in this episode:

  1. Why write a book.
  2. What’s the best approach to writing a book?
  3. How do we get started?

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