Feb. 9, 2023

Creating A Garden of Inspiration: Jen McDonald of Garden Girls

Creating A Garden of Inspiration: Jen McDonald of Garden Girls

Jen McDonald is an entrepreneur and co0founder of Garden Girls, a garden design company in Houston. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and a creative eye, having studied interior design, calligraphy, and gardening. She is passionate about creating beautiful, custom gardens that fit the lifestyle and personality of her clients.

Jen McDonald had always dreamed of being an entrepreneur, but her lack of knowledge about the business side of things held her back. After a 180 degree career switch, she found herself with the opportunity to ask herself what she really wanted. Inspired by a movie and her father's garden, Jen decided to learn about gardening, and this led to the creation of a garden design business with her two business partners. Through her work and travel, Jen found a deep passion for gardening and now, with her company's one year anniversary, she hopes to bring gardens to schools and other places, providing a safe and unique form of play for children. Jen's advice? Don't wait, just go for it.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How to make a career out of something you love, even if it doesn't exist yet.
2. The benefits of having a team of entrepreneurs to start a business with.
3. How to create a garden experience that encourages exploration and connection.


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