Feb. 27, 2023

From Construction to CMO: Jon Tsoukaris on Successful Marketing Strategies

From Construction to CMO: Jon Tsoukaris on Successful Marketing Strategies

Jon Tsoukaris is a 20-year veteran of the marketing industry and the owner of an agency that provides web development, digital marketing campaigns, and software. He started his business in the midst of the 2008 recession.

Jon Tsoukaris had to learn hard lessons when his father fired him in front of a group of people. A friend then offered him a job in a marketing company, and he quickly learned the ropes of business. When the company grew too corporate, Jon took the risk to start his own agency in 2008. He started with a vision and a willingness to learn, and was able to bring together a web development and digital marketing agency. Through a combination of hard work and dedication, Jon was able to create a successful agency that allowed him to help others realize their entrepreneurial dreams. He learned to be transparent and upfront with clients, and always look for partnerships that help grow and create jobs. Jon Tsoukaris has made it his mission to always focus on the growth and success of his clients.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How Jon Tsoukaris merged two agencies together and grew them into a successful business.
2. The importance of taking risks in marketing that will set a business apart from its competitors.
3. How to develop successful influencer marketing campaigns and the importance of understanding budgets and contracts.

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